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Nov 11th '16, 14:25 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
Join Date: Oct 2016
Posts: 57


Hi all,

So ive been on slimming world now for 5 weeks and lost 10 pounds however this week ive just felt really demotivated? Has anyone else been like this? I think its because I only lost 0.5lb this week which I know is going to happen. How do you all keep yourselves going?
Nov 12th '16, 09:48 AM  
SoSlim Addict
Join Date: Jul 2015
Location: Worcestershire, UK
Posts: 3,241

10lbs is excellent though! Slow and steady wins the race By now you should be finding your clothes extra loose, and people noticing your weight loss. That's always enough motivation for me. You can do this!
Nov 14th '16, 17:07 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
Join Date: Oct 2016
Posts: 57

Thanks I think I was just having a bad day and feeling super bloated but im back positive now. Im aiming to loose a pound a week until Christmas!! Fingers crossed xx
Nov 16th '16, 11:05 AM  
Stanleys Mum
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Sep 2016
Location: West Sussex
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10lbs is great- well done. I'm a slow loser, but like AliCat says- slow and steady wins the race.
I maintained a few weeks ago and had been so good- I could have cried. Some weeks it doesn't always go the way you plan, other times you might get a sneaky loss when not deserved. Try to look at it as a monthly target or break it down. You have averaged 2lb per week which is excellent progress.

Well done and keep going x
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