Hex b

Oct 29th '16 14:35 PM
Hi just wondering if anyone knows if we can have the weight watchers seed and high protein wraps as hex b? If not how many syns are they?

Oct 31st '16 13:41 PM
I can't find the wraps you've specified on the Syns part of the website.
The Weight Watchers High Protein Pitta Breads, Whole & Wholemeal 6 pack (57g each) are 8 syns each and are not a B choice option

The only tortillas I can find are the Weight Watchers Love Fibre Tortillas/White Wraps 6 pack (42g each), which are 5 syns each, and again, not a B choice.

The only wraps that are a B choice are the BFree ones that are gluten free.