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Oct 2nd '16, 17:15 PM  
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Costa and Starbucks coffee syns?

At Starbucks I'll have the pumpkin spiced latte, what would the syns for this be please If I asked for skimmed milk?

Also Costa I will drink the speciality drinks, which are, roasted hazelnut, vanilla and caramel, with skimmed milk!

Does anyone know the syns in these please?
Oct 2nd '16, 21:38 PM  
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The skimmed milk should count as your HEXA (unless you've used it elsewhere, in which case it will need to be synned). The only places the syns SHOULD come from are those syrups, which contain a LOT of sugar. I believe that the sugar-free syrups are free on the plan, but I'll let someone with access to the app weigh in
Oct 5th '16, 09:13 AM  
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Starbucks Pumkin Spiced Latte with Skimmed milk & whipped cream:
Tall = 13 syns
Grande = 17 syns
Venti = 20 syns

Whipped cream averages 1.5 syns per level tbsp., so not sure how many you would count for that exactly.
As 12oz is a Tall, and that makes 340ml, you could probably get away with using your entire A allowance for that size of the drink as it is a primarily milk drink.
Looking at the ingredients list, the Pumpkin spice sauce is mostly sugar, as is the vanilla syrup, so there will be a chunk of syns from those.
For that, I would count at least 8 syns if you are using the milk as your A choice for a Tall drink, just be on the safe side. I would say that if you have the whipped cream, count for 3 tbsps. of cream? they usually pile it on top from what I've seen, so if you don't have any at all, remove 4.5 syns maybe?? Try to judge how much they put on yourself if you do have any

As for the Costa, the syns are all the same for each flavour you mentioned.
5.5 syns for a primo (340ml), 7.5 for a medio (450ml) and 10 for a Massimo (560ml) (all takeaway syns)
So maybe just count a few syns for the Primo just to be safe?

Not being a coffee drinker in the slightest, I don't have an opinion on tastes, but syns-wise, the Costa look much better!!!
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