Lose body fat

Aug 30th '16 17:50 PM
Hello. I'm 5ft 10 and weigh 158 lbs. slimming world advices I don't join but I want to lose body fat so I can get a set of good abs.

Im thinking of faking my weight so I can join but seeing as the advice off slimming world online is not to join what would you advice. It confuses me a bit because what happens once you reach a good weight does slimming world them tell you to eat whatever again?
Aug 30th '16 21:16 PM
Hello Welshorp, welcome to social Slimmers
There is nothing wrong with you joining SW at your current weight. My SW book states that the lowest acceptable personal weight target for your height is 9st 13lb. That's if you want to lose some weight. They don't advise you to join if you want to lose less than 7lbs.
Your current weight would put you right in the middle of the Healthy BMI range, which may be why they advise you don't join??

And no, they don't advise you to just eat whatever again once a person reaches their target weight. They advise slight changes in your daily plan (increasing your dairy and fibre intake) but SW is mostly a lifestyle change rather than diet so it's changing habits for a lifetime rather than cutting things out completely like some plans (in my opinion at least!)

Have you tried working out more? If you aren't already that is. Maybe focusing more on your torso than anything else? I obviously don't know what you do now, but increasing your exercise will obviously help change the body fat into muscle.

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Aug 30th '16 22:23 PM
Ok thanks. I know about the 5-15 syns. With my weight am I better using syns to like 30?
Aug 31st '16 00:02 AM
Syns are generally for using on the treat things, i.e. things that are higher in fat and sugars. So I personally wouldn't increase the upper syn limit, because it just ends up as an excuse to eat more junk food and get away with it. As Sarah said, SW is about changing habits for a lifetime so that you automatically make the healthier choices while enjoying the unhealthier choices in moderation.

The way I'm seeing it, increasing your upper syn limit would only make you put weight on or increase your body fat ratio. If it's the abs you want, you're going to have to work for them, my friend. The only thing that will increase your muscle mass (especially muscle to fat ratio) is good ol' exercise.
Aug 31st '16 06:17 AM
What I find odd about slimming world though is a shop bought sandwich is like 25 syns but it's only 400 calories or something. Where if I calorie counted it's quite good
Aug 31st '16 09:57 AM
No, stick with the 5-15 syns each day. The only time the syns available is increased is if you are male (they get an extra 5 each day) or if you are very overweight I believe, which you absolutely aren't.

With regards to the high syn values for things, it's because the bread is rarely wholemeal with the correct fibre content so can't be counted as your healthy extra b choice, and they use spreads (margarine or butter) and normally full fat mayo/sauces/cheese/etc. and for things like BLT they don't trim any fat off, and cheese is always full fat. All of these increase the syn value of foods, and the aim of SW is to get away from the pre-packed foods and make your own meals with fresh ingredients and increase your fruit/veg intake along with keeping full.
Aug 31st '16 10:08 AM
I'm a male. So does that mean I get 20 syns?
Aug 31st '16 10:19 AM
From what I remember, yes. Up to 20 syns each day