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Jul 14th '16, 22:28 PM  
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off the rails

Hi i joined slimming world 12 weeks ago and lost every week totaling 1stone 11lbs. Until last week when i gained 2.5lbs totally heartbroke as i hadn't been 'bad' i was on plan and actually eating lots of speed food. I didnt weigh in this week as i knew it wasnt going to be good.. I dont want to quit but my mind is off plan and no matter what i cant seem to kick my butt into action again. Anyone any suggestions? Thanks
Jul 15th '16, 00:04 AM  
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Hi Rach, welcome to social Slimmers.
Well done on your losses so far, that's fantastic!

What do you think caused the gain?
Have you increased your quantity and intensity of exercise, or started exercising if you didn't in the first place?
Were you drinking enough water?
Could you have miscalculated Syns at all?
Was it star week?
Have you been eating the same foods for the past few weeks or have you changed your meals to bring in new foods/meals at all or are you eating the exact same things every day/week?
Have you measured your hex choices?

I know some of these questions might seem silly, or that I'm taking you for a novice, but please don't think that
I've been at group for several years and have seen various people have the same issue as you so I'm just trying to suggest some reasons that may have caused the gain
We are all here to help x

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