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Week one slip up :(

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Jul 11th '16, 20:07 PM  
Socially Shy
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Week one slip up :(

Hey, I'm new here but I thought I would join for support and hopefully when I'm on track, to support others.
I joined sw last week and the first 3 days done really well at sticking to the plan.... day 4, big mistakes I've used 47.5 syns today and am completely beating myself up about it. I'm planning to cut out any syns for the rest of the week but I'm terrified that I won't lose anything now in my first weigh in. Did anyone else have this problem with their first week? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, J
Jul 11th '16, 21:43 PM  
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Hi PinkButterfly, welcome to Social Slimmers

First of all, don't beat yourself up. The plan takes some getting used to, like all plans, and you can't let one day ruin the rest of your week.
Did you use many/any Syns on your first 3 days?
What do you think lead you to 'overeating' on your Syns on day 4? Did something happen, were you feeling any different?

I wouldn't suggest cutting out your Syns for the rest of the week at all. You're better using at least 5 a day.
The best thing I can suggest is that you draw a line under it, and start fresh on day 5. Make sure you have the 1/3 of a plate filled with speed foods (at least) and at least 1/3 protein.

If you have stuck to plan for the rest of the week, you're likely to get a loss on your first week even with one bad day in the middle of it.
Just don't let that one bad day turn into more than one day

You can do this, and there are lots of people around here to offer the support and advice you may want/need!

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Jul 11th '16, 21:50 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Absolutely. Don't kick yourself about it, just think about what went wrong and get back on the horse tomorrow! That's why SW is so brilliant - guilt it out of the door x
Jul 11th '16, 22:52 PM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Jul 2016
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Thankyou so much guys, I really appreciate your advice. Sarahc4536, I had 8.5 on day 1, 15 on day 2 and 11.5 on day 3. I just think today I was unprepared and rushed so I used the grab and go option, I went back to that automatic indulge stage which I'm desperately trying to stop the silly thing is I knew what I was doing but I didn't stop myself.
Tomorrow I'll try to have only 5 syns and hopefully regain control.
Thankyou so much again fingers crossed I don't mess up x
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