Jul 9th '16 12:47 PM
I have indulged so so so pissed off trying to correct my mind set but hard . Im on nights and difficult nights So I just woke up and pigged out ! And my motivation really went because all week my boyfriend been tempting me so hard with papa johns pizza on Sunday for his hangover fix but I'm so annoyed as I really find it hard to say noooooo ! Wish he wouldn't buy it but he not over weight suppose !
Can anyone try keep me positive and tell me how I even try attempt to say no to this pizza I will be drooling over while at my weakness from night shift stress
Jul 9th '16 13:23 PM
You've got a couple of options.
Get right back on plan now. Not tomorrow, not Monday, now. Draw a line under what you've just pigged out on and get those speed foods on your plate.
Do the same tomorrow and stay on plan and make something else rather than the pizza.
Another option is to get back on plan today as above, and stay on it tomorrow, but flexi syn for your tea. Decide on your limit of Syns and once you hit that number, stop and switch back to free foods. And don't reduce your Syns on any other day, go back on plan as normal.

You could always tell him how you feel about the fact he has bought something and not really considered you and what you are trying to achieve by following SW. But I know they don't always understand, I've got experience in that lol, but maybe if you talk to him about why you are doing what you're doing, he might resist tempting you with these kind of things.

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Jul 9th '16 13:44 PM
Omg this message and my sister message as I introduced her has proper motivated me so now I'm going to not have serious any Syns for today or tm to make up for my indulgence to teach me a lesson and tm I'm going to have one slice Brown bread with beans and cheese on it ! And shock him into realising you know what I am better than this and not give in !!!!! Il even send picture evidence of him and my food beside his tm post night !!!!! This is all learning curve and the fact that I have crumbled and beg for help is a point in saying I'm changed because I care !!! Thank you for advice we in this together !!! Going to be sexy ass peeps !!x