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Here to lose the baby weight!

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Jul 7th '16, 14:35 PM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Jul 2016
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Here to lose the baby weight!

I had my second child just over 6 weeks - and now have 3.5ish stone to lose! Perhaps a little more - I'll decide when I get there!

I tried slimming world for a bit after my son was born but it didn't really stick, then when I went back to work (office job) I just ate ALL day and gained back everything and then a bit more. I'm determined this time, I need more energy to keep up with a toddler and a baby! And I want to be in better shape before we have a 3rd (am I mad for even saying this so soon?!).

My first goal is a trip to butlins in September - I've got 11 weeks, so I'm aiming for 22lbs. Then we go away to Lanzarote in November which is 20 weeks, so another 18lb by then. Hopefully.

I'm doing it online, because the group environment intimidates me a little, but I'd like some social links to others doing the same thing and thought a forum might be good. I'm breastfeeding so I get 5 He at the moment, soon to be 6, and I'm REALLY struggling to use them so just seem to be adding cheese to everything!!!
Jul 7th '16, 15:17 PM  
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Hi tigger87, welcome to Social Slimmers

Congratulations on the babies

There are a few people on here that only follow SW from home, and others like me who go to a group. However we follow the plan, we are here to support for each other and to get each other to where we all want to be

As for the additional Hex A choices, what about having things like hot chocolate? Or drinking just a glass of milk?
Or are you like me and don't like milk on bit? Lol
Personally, I'd have no issues with the adding of cheese, it's one of my downfalls if I could survive on cheese, I would!

Good luck getting back on track, and I look forward to following your journey!
Jul 7th '16, 19:06 PM  
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Location: UK
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Hi tigger and welcome to Social Slimmers! You have come to a great place for support
Best of luck with Slimming World
Jul 9th '16, 07:43 AM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Jul 2016
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Thank you! I do quite like milk so that's my go to - a nice milky coffee!! It's just a lot in one day if I don't fancy one!! I do like cheese though, feels naughty!!

I totally forgot yesterday I was on a diet and took my son out for drinks and cakes. How do you forget you've even started a diet?! Doh!! I've stepped on the scales this morning though and looks like I've already got a 4lb loss and I don't officially weigh until Tuesday so that's exciting.
Jul 10th '16, 02:55 AM  
Socially Shy
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Hi tigger 87

I am 6 weeks after hAving my baby and have just signed up online the same as you, although I'm not planning a third!


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