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Need help losing 25-30 lbs

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Jul 1st '16, 18:10 PM  
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Need help losing 25-30 lbs

I'm new to this website and my goal is to lose 25-30lbs as the title says. I think i have a good regimen, i just wanted to double check and see if anyone else has some advice.

Background: 37 Male 6-3 247 (goal 215) former athlete that loves to exercise. Last summer while playing basketball, I tore my right calf muscle (20% mild lateral tear) and due to the pain I had to endure physical therapy and learn other sports. I briefly got into running and even joined a runners group. My goal was to finish a HALF marathon. I was running 3x a week (4 miles, 4 miles then 10 on weekends). But then I started feeling pain on my posterior tib (medial calf). I visited PT again and they basically said, I have bad form and I would have to retrain my body to run correctly. Running isn't THAT interesting to me so long story short, I run 4 miles once a week (on Mondays).

I've started this new journey on May 1st. So far so good...

DIET - i know that 80% of weight loss - especially in the abs = DIET. I'm determined on keeping my calories under 2000. and i eat something every 3hrs
1. Breakfast = I pretty much eat apples, oatmeal or a power bar for breakfast.
2. AM Snacks = fruits, buts, power bar, cereal
3. Lunch = salad if i have the time
4. PM Snacks = same as before
5. Dinner = fish, chicken, veges

1. due to my job, i take the subway in NYC and i walk ALOT. at least 60 mins daily/8000-10000 steps)
2. run 4 miles once a week (1x/wk)
3. just joined a spin class - (2x/week)
4. ab exercises (2x/week) - i try to do 500 reps (i.e 5 different exercises x 3 sets of 33 different reps)
5. Bikram yoga (1x/week) or whenver i can
- a friend of mine suggested walking on an inclined (4) treadmill but walking speed (3) for 30 mins

- 6-3 215 (college days)
- learn how to swim
- gain flexibility
- live a healthy life
- play basketball again

just wanted to know
- HOW LONG this will take? (lol)
- support groups?
- are spin classes for men?
- how often should i rest?
- diet or exercise advice? (i want to learn how to swim)
- good habits? bad habits to avoid?

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