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Healthy diet to lose 4 pounds in a week.

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' Forum started by SlimmingGate, Jun 13th, 2016 at 17:21 PM.
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healthy diet to lose 4 pounds in a week.

Why you should follow a healthy diet program? : Follow the many programs of diet effectively and safely, those programs don't affect the health of the body because it contained all the elements that the body needs food and do not cause his denial, so it can work a healthy diet reduces 7 kilograms of weight in a healthy and safe during the week only diet and integral organization azaaeh vitamins and elements transmit without increasing foods or resort to any other element..

Tips before you start a healthy diet, safe system to lose 7 pounds quickly:

preparation of sports program ensures walking and exercise consistently.
Distance from sweets and sugary foods.
Must resort to flagging walmharih herbs for constipation.
Avoid drinking sodas and even though diet
. Can drinking tea and coffee as needed on condition not to use sugar.
Take care to drink 7 glasses of water a day.
Healthy and safe diet system subtracts 7 kilos in a week fast:

diet shinzam diet is healthy for a week
first day of healthy diet program:

breakfast: cucumbers + 2 boiled egg
. Lunch: a piece of chicken without skin + Pack yogurt mixed with 1 teaspoon of linseed crunched.
Dinner: 2 boiled egg + a plate of salad vegetables.
Second day of healthy diet program:

breakfast: 2 boiled egg + mortadella taste
lunch: piece of grilled meat + vegetable salad plate dinner
: Pack of yogurt
third day of healthy diet program:

breakfast: 2 boiled egg + cucumbers + mortadella taste
lunch: tuna tray without oil + 2 fruit of kiwifruit.
Evening meal: yogurt Pack
fourth day of healthy diet program:

breakfast: cucumbers + 2 pieces of cheese
salt-free lunch: chicken breast without skin, boiled or roasted
skim milk Cup. Day 5:

breakfast: 2 boiled egg + cucumbers
lunch: boiled meat + Salad from vegetables with a spoon of linseed crunched.
Dinner: a dish of boiled vegetables few salt.
Day six:

breakfast: 2 boiled egg + cucumbers + mortadella taste
. Lunch: tuna without oil +
vegetables salad dinner: Cup skim milk
. Seventh day:

breakfast: cucumbers + boiled egg + cheese free
salts. Lunch: grilled fish + dish of salad vegetables.
Dinner: a cup of milk + pieces of cheese
salt-free. Finally, with a healthy diet program will become get lose weight at a rate of 7 days in a healthy and safe, not something hard, but needs the will and foods that are harmful to the body than what awaits, where we offer you an integrated nutrition programme is rich in vitamins and proteins that the body needs and do not cause any harm to reverse what they gain comfort and vitality and activity, be sure to abide by the program as it is and follow the tips described above to obtain good results in record time too, when Whether you want to lose more weight, you should repeat the program but preferred to see the doctor before bringing it back.
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