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May 11th '16, 18:26 PM  
Socially Shy
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SW as a Student!

Hello all!

So as a student, who is fully catered, I am quite concerned about sticking to the plan.

There is not option for me to make my own meals (no kitchens etc in my student blocks) and for the ridiculous cost I am paying to be fully catered by the university, I really can't afford to!

The meals can be healthy-ish, for example tonight I had piri-piri chicken breast (free), pasta (free) and a tbsp pesto (3 syns) but what is really throwing me off is that I have no idea what it's all cooked in - oils/butters etc and there are very few vegetable options.

Similarly, I am pretty concerned about alcohol and it's impact on my weight loss. As a student, it is pretty unavoidable...

Does anybody have any advice for being a student doing SW? Any help on managing syns in a catered environment or when going out as a student etc would be v helpful!

Ali X
May 13th '16, 12:26 PM  
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Unfortunately I've no experience of being in a catered environment (I sometimes wish I was just to save the hassle of cooking myself ) but I can understand your issue with not knowing how things are cooked etc.
The best thing I could suggest is that you try to get whatever you can veg wise onto your plate, to fill 1/3 of it if possible. Even though you don't know what oils etc. are used for the rest of the food, at least that way you are trying to get your spped food in which is what helps to speed up your losses.
Would it be possible to keep a stash of fruit in your room maybe? I'm just thinking that maybe you can snack on that in between meals to increase the amount of speed food you are eating and hopefully boost your losses?

As for the drinking, what about sticking to spirits and diet mixers? Vodka is 3 syns per 25ml measure (4 syns per 35ml measure) so that with diet coke or soda would be quite low synned compared to wines and ciders...
Jul 3rd '16, 18:43 PM  
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Like Sarah said. Have a stash of safe food in your room to get the speed in. At meals choose as healthy as possible. I would also have a chat to the catering manager, explain what you are trying to achieve and see if they can cook you a plain portion, no added fats, sugar etc? I know it will depend on what the meal is and some meals would be easier to do than others, but if you don't ask you'll never know. They have to cater for gluten free etc, so they may be able to manage something slimming world friendly.
Jul 5th '16, 16:03 PM  
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I agree with lellylion try and talk to a kitchen manager explain your situation, they will cater for intolerances and allergies so even if 50% of the time they can accomodate you thats better than nothing.
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