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Mar 14th '16, 12:24 PM  
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Really struggling :-(

So I have been doing slimming world around 8 weeks now and I am only 2.5lb lighter. I have about 2.5-3 stone to lose so a long way to go. The reasons I am struggling is firstly I find I have really good weeks and don't lose anything and it then knocks my confidence and knocks me off the wagon. Secondly my partner has no interest in eating healthy so regularly wants takeaways and rubbish food in general so I end up eating this with him.

I start my days off really well and write my food down but I am struggling to stick to it. I was wondering if I needed something that is more strict than slimming world but I love my food and love that slimming world is about cooking from scratch and I can still eat all the lovely meals I am used to so don't think that is the answer.

Any suggestions on where to start please?

I have just bought some trainers, sports bra and joggers as I plan to start jogging round the local lake on my lunchtime as I have a 19 month old daughter so don't get time to exercise at any other time. Hoping this will kick start losing weight. Once I start seeing results and seeing my weight loss go down I think this will be enough motivation to keep going x
Mar 14th '16, 17:52 PM  
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I've been where you are plenty of times - with the struggling to stick to the plan part. Normally when I don't lose anything, I know exactly why it's happened.

Have you looked around the other plans and options? It could be that SW just isn't for you...? It's isn't for everyone, so it might be worth trying an alternative plan??
Mar 14th '16, 19:36 PM  
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After losing well - I'm where you are now - I need to try and re-focus.

What worked for me in the past was food diaries, working out a good plan of food for the next few days, get rid of 'treats' for foods that might make you cave.

Now.. I need to take this last bit of advice for sure! Damn those biscuits and pancakes. lol
Mar 16th '16, 14:21 PM  
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I'm the same as you, lost 1.5 stone betwee July and Christmas 2015.. between Christmas 2015 and now I have lost 1.5lb altogether. Some weeks are better than others, some weeks you feel like you have fallen off the wagon, rolled under the wagon and been crushed by it's wheels! If it's what you want to do I would just try sticking to it day by day, or even meal by meal. Meal by meal is how my old consultant used to tell people to get back on board with slimming world. I agree with PurpleJ, if there is stuff in the house you get temped by, then just for now while you are trying to get back to basics and be "good" then ask your partner to hide it, or get him to eat it haha! Half the time we just eat things because we can, I am the worst for this. Food diaries are good too, so you can see exactly what you are eating.
Mar 21st '16, 11:10 AM  
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you are doing perfect , just don't lose hope
Apr 6th '16, 15:36 PM  
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Hey York1e,

My suggestion would be to have an honest discussion with your partner and to let him know how much achieving your goal means to you.

Maybe you can come up with a good team solution such as making food together or having a take away together on a certain day?

Are you losing weight just through change in food or also through training?

Apr 9th '16, 22:25 PM  
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Hi I've been doing slimmingworld since July 15 and lost 3 stone... Looking through my weigh ins I really can't emphasise enough how much water helps! Honestly, try 3 litres a day and it'll drop off I promise! Xx
Apr 27th '16, 14:35 PM  
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Hi york1e ... how are you getting on? x
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