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How too have peanut butter on plan

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Feb 25th '16, 16:10 PM  
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how too have peanut butter on plan

Hi I'm having major cravings for peanut butter I don't normally eat it but whenever I start healthy eating I crave it so bad like really bad doesn't help my little one wants it every day I want too spoon it into my mouth. Help I wanted something peanut butter flavoured that's low syn I'm not keen on peanut hottie drink but was thinking a cereal bar like alpen light or weight watchers bar something that taste like it help 😞
Feb 25th '16, 17:38 PM  
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Annoyingly there's a peanut butter and caramel flavour mullerlight, but I remember you saying on another thread they're out of the question as you are veggie...

I can't see anything WW that is peanut flavour...
There are the Slimming World Hi-fi Bar Peanut Heaven bars, but you don't attend a group... you can have one as hex b choice
There is a Tracker Crunchy Peanut Bar (26g bar) which is 6 syns per bar
Or a Tesco Peanut Munch Cereal Bars (27g bar) for 6 syns again

They are the lowest synned peanut flavour things... but Peanut Butter itself is generally 4.5 syns per tbsp
Feb 25th '16, 20:12 PM  
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Thanks sarah ive found peanut butter powdered its call pb2 or pbfit i thinks its 54 cals per two tbsp
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