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Trying sp with questions

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Feb 24th '16, 10:34 AM  
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Trying sp with questions

Hi so tomorrow im going too give sp ago but i wondered if i can split my hea? So one babybel + 37grams of light philly?
My plan for day
Fruit salad + 1 alpen light half heb plus 37 grams of philly with sweet freedom synned.

Omelette wrap fajita beans beans with onion mushroom and fajita shake and flavour 1 baby bel plus salad of tomatoes onion cucumber.
Dinner mushroom stroganoff plus courgette noodles + ww pitta heb 2

Dessert alpen light plus apple

Anything there not right also is the shake and flavour still free?
Feb 24th '16, 10:41 AM  
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Oxo Shake & Flavour, all varieties (1 level tsp) 0.5 syns per tsp

You plan looks find for SP - as long as you've got half a plate of Speed and half a plate of Protein foods it will work.
With regards to the splitting of the hex a - I wouldn't. SW measure out the hex choices to ensure that you get the correct amount of calcium and fibre each day. If you start to split them you can't be 100% sure that you are getting the correct amount, and going over on them and not knowing/realising can send your losses off track.
There are the grab & go options (babybels, cheesestrings, etc. fo the a choice and hifi bars, alpen, ryvita, etc. for the b choice) for when you aren't able to measure them out, but they're the only advisable way to split anything.
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