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Gluten & lactose issues pls help!

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Jan 29th '16, 13:18 PM  
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gluten & lactose issues pls help!!

Hi, I have been suffering badly from ibs and other related conditions. Doc suggested I try to cut out gluten & lactose from diet. I am also struggling 2 weeks into slimming world and not loosing. Finding it hard to find lacto free and low fat. Most recipies use quark or fromage frais and what can I substitute this with? IBS starting to rumble again and dont need thr pain! Help pls?!
Jan 29th '16, 14:01 PM  
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Gluten free ideas, these can be used as your healthy extra B choices:
Bfree Foods, gluten-free:
  • 1x 42g Multigrain Wrap, 6 pack
  • 1x 60g Soft White Roll, 4 pack
  • 2 slices Brown Seeded Loaf, Wheat & Gluten Free, 400g loaf
  • 1x 55g Stone Baked Pitta Bread, 4 pack
Schar, gluten-free:
  • 1 x 50g Brown Ciabatta Roll, 4 pack
  • 1 x 50g White Ciabatta Roll, 4 pack
Genius Foods, gluten-free:
  • 2 slices Brown Sandwich Bread, 350g loaf
  • 1 slice Triple Seeded Sandwich Bread, 560g loaf
Glutafin, gluten-free:
  • 5 High Fibre Crackers
  • 1 x 50g Select White Bread Roll, Part Baked
  • 1 slice Select Seeded Bread, 400g sliced loaf
  • 2 slices White Bread, 400g sliced loaf
  • 35g gluten-free Oat Muesli
As for the lacto free. what about these:
Our favourite branded dairy-free Healthy Extra 'b' choices include:
  • 500ml Alpro Coconut & Almond Drink
  • 300ml Alpro Oat Drink, Original, Long Life
  • 675ml Blue Diamond Almonds Almond Breeze Original, Reduced Sugar
  • 500ml Koko Coconut Drink with Calcium, Light & Low Fat
  • 225ml Koko Coconut Drink with Calcium, Chocolate, Long Life
  • 250ml Rice Dream Original Rice Drink with Calcium & Vitamins, chilled
As for the fromage frais issue:
  • If a recipe calls for yogurt or fromage frais to add a creamy taste (eg curries like korma, tikka masala), substitute it with a splash of dairy-free milk from your Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice. Asda low fat soya yogurt is 2½ Syns per 125g pot and works well in savoury dishes too. Dairy free soft cheese is 3½ Syns per 25g.
  • Most flavoured Alpro soya yogurts are 1½-2 Syns (per 125g pot)
  • Alpro Deliciously Dairy Free Custard is 4 Syns per 100g and works well in some low-Syn desserts
I assume you have joined either a group or on the website? If you have done either, look at the website and the weight loss planner (food diary) to see what other options there are and how they fit into the plan.
There is also a Dairy Free 7 day menu idea on the SW website, and you can change the hex B choices for one of the gluten free options to suit your plan.

If you are stuggling to lose anything, why not start a food diary thread on the Slimming World pages http://www.socialslimmers.com/slimming-world/ and we can all help where needed
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