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Nov 22nd '15, 16:58 PM  
Socially Shy
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SW Newbie!

Hi all!

I'm not new to the concept of dieting after losing just over 5st in the space of a few years, but always seem to find myself throwing the towel in on various diets that end up making me feel miserable (low carb, low calorie, etc..).

So, thought I'd give SW a go! My lovely wife has agreed to do it with me, so I think that will definitely make it easier when it comes to planning meals, etc. We'll be doing it from home and not going to meetings, which does worry me a little but I promise I'm going to be strict and do this properly!

The thing about SW that attracts me most is that it doesn't seem to be just another diet, it looks like a really great way of adapting and eating healthily for life, which is something I really need to learn to do. I have a bit of a torrid relationship with food and have struggled in the past, so I mainly need to appreciate that food = good, while still knocking off the pounds and getting down to my goal weight.

Well...that's a lot from me, but here we go, I'm really excited!
Lovely to meet you all
Nov 22nd '15, 17:02 PM  
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Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Good luck with Slimming World
Nov 23rd '15, 10:15 AM  
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I agree, SW is more about changing your relationship with food, a lisfestyle change and it's a healthy eating plan, not a diet

Good luck on your journey, and well done on your losses so far! 5 stone, no matter how long it took, is fantastic!
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