So disappointed!

Nov 4th '15 10:09 AM
Hi new here hoping for some motivation :-)
Have been doing sw ee plan for two weeks - followed the food optimising to the letter- lots of veg , water etc . Found it impossible to eat my syns -on average using only 6-7 syns a day. No alcohol for two weeks which for a wine lover has been the only difficult thing really.
Week one went well 5.5 off ( have 3 stone to lose)
Week 2 would say ate even healthier than week 1 and stayed the same ! Found this very disheartening as had followed plan , refuse birthday cake , buffets and treats this week etc
My typical eating is
Morning -2small wholemeal bread (or alpen lights if on the go ) HEX
Large mixed fruit salad homemade with 0% natural yoghurt

Lunch homemade veg soup syn free! fruit

Evening meal -eaten wide range of SW recipes that are syn free or low syn , including pasta, chilli, syn free chips, syn free omelettes etc
Always have least two portions of veg as part of this

Drink at least 3 pints of water plus diet coke and tea ( hex are milk ) throughout the day

I honestly do not think I can eat healthier - no choc, no crisps , no processed food thus expected better weight loss as am 13 .7 stone !
Nov 4th '15 12:24 PM
Don't be disheartened! As you lost so much weight the first week your body will probably be adjusting. I would carry on with the plan as you're doing it and definitely make sure you use your syns. You might find that you have a good weight loss next week. It often takes my body a few weeks to catch up, so a really goo week one week won't show up until the week after.
Nov 4th '15 18:33 PM
Thanks :-)
Nov 4th '15 19:03 PM
I agree, your body is still adjusting to it and you will probably find you get a good loss next week. That used to happen to me a lot when my weight loss stalled for a few weeks. Good luck!
Nov 4th '15 21:27 PM
I agree with Bevz and Ernie. Stick with it, and your body will get used to the plan and you'll start losing more weight.

Can I make a suggestion that you have a bottle of wine at the weekend? If you really want one, and you aren't using many Syns at all during the week (6-7 isn't that many to be honest!) and over the whole week you've got 105 to use, so say you use 7 a day, that's only 49 across the week!
A bottle of wine averages at 30 Syns per bottle, so you could easily have a bottle of wine on a Friday/Saturday, and still have Syns left over for any others treats or things you might want.
Your Syns are there to be used, and in all honesty, I've seen so many people walk into group and be so disheartened with a maintain when they've been 100% on plan and have barely had any Syns. The lack of Syns are usually the issue. (I've been a member for 5 years so I've seen this exact thing plenty of times!)
Don't be afraid to use them, whether it's wine, spirits, crisps, chocolate, whatever you fancy
Nov 4th '15 22:54 PM
Thanks - found it hard to use the syns as eating so much of the free food my plate is full as am I lol
tonight put cheese on my syn free mash - a lot of cheese 10 syns worth so trying to use them more to enhance my food if not for snacks x
Nov 5th '15 10:57 AM
That's what I started doing, all my meals were free, and I didn't want any other things (chocolate, etc), so I'd use them for extra cheese I looooove cheese!
Nov 5th '15 12:43 PM
I found I my first couple of weeks, probably up to about a month, I had trouble using them - but now I have trouble not going over haha! Also, I think it is really important to use them as you can cut them down at a later date but if you never use them you cant do that.