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Oct 27th '15, 16:29 PM  
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Go for something that you know will be low synned.
A Jacket & beans will be syn free, ask them not to use any butter.
Or go for a salad and ask for any dressings to come on the side. Then you can choose whether to use it or not.
Or go for a steak/piece of gammon and change the chips for a salad or jacket potato. The meat may have some oil used to cook it, but I would maybe count 6 syns to be on the safe side (1 tbsp of oil is 6 syns)

Don't stress about it too much, I've done that loads of times and then it's sent me off track completely and I've ended up with a big gain instead of a small loss or even a maintain.

There is always something that you can have when you go out, where ever you go.
Oct 29th '15, 12:44 PM  
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when I go to pubs I usually have steak or gammon, new potatoes or baked, depending on what they have on offer and salad. That way, its all free and then I might count a few syns for some peppercorn sauce so I don't feel like I'm eating the driest dinner in the world haha!

If hungry horse still do the chicken skewers you could get those - would assume they are free ( or very close to) as the sauce is poured on afterwards and there is no skin on the chicken - ask for rice/potatoes and salad instead of chips and just count 4 or 5 syns for the sauce.

Mixed grill COULD be low in syns if you swapped the sausages for something else and swapped the chips for a jacket potato. Just count syns for the lamb chop and the fried egg (probably no the lowest syn option I can think of but wouldn't be absolutely horrendous)

If they do any fish that isn't battered you could also ask for that with rice/potato and salad.

You have probably already been to HH but hope this helps you in future
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