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Oct 16th '15, 08:55 AM  
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Treat night?

Hi All,

I am new so hello!

Just wondered if anyone has a 'treat night' once a week, whether it be after weigh in or at the weekend and still managed to keep good losses up?
Whenever I have had a mini blowout, I have gained so quickly, it puts me off having anything really naughty but maybe it's because I add alcohol AND food to the mix.

It's taken me 11 weeks, and I have lost 1st 2.5lbs, really want to get this next stone off so trying so hard to stay focused but I would love a bottle of wine and some chips or something lol.
Oct 16th '15, 09:10 AM  
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Well done on the losses so far Bridget! Be proud of how far you've already come.

What I class as my cheat/treat night is usually after weigh in but it probably won't see very cheat like. I tend to leave most of my syns until after I've been weighed and I'll then have an Alpen Bar (3.5 syns) and once home I'll have fried eggs (fried with Frylight), chips (SW ones), beans, bread (2x small loaf of wholemeal with spread which is around 8 syns) and a huge dollop of ketchup (3 syns). So my cheat/treat meal is me actually blowing all of my syns in one meal and not eating any speed food. During my "normal" meals I rarely eat potatoes or rice and I try to make sure at least half of my plate is speed food.

I know other people will have a cheat/treat night which involves lots of flexi-synning and eating whatever they wanted, whether it be a huge Chinese or a KFC, but what I've done has worked for me.

I will still have a takeaway every now and again, but I always make sure it's within my syns or I'll cut back some syns over the next few days.
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