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Eating Out With Slimming World (Restaurants + Takeaways)

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' Forum started by sarahc4536, Sep 12th, 2015 at 16:14 PM.
Sep 12th, 2015, 16:14 PM  
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Eating Out With Slimming World (Restaurants + Takeaways)

I figured this might be pretty useful for anyone who wants a quick idea of what sort of things they can order from restaurants or takeaways and have an idea of the syns involved.

If anyone thinks of anything they want adding, let me know and I'll amend it

Indian restaurants and takeaways use Ghee in their curry dishes. Ghee is clarified butter and is 6.5 syns per tablespoon. As you don't get to see into the kitchen, you have no idea how much they are actually using in each dish, so it's hard to calculate how many syns are used just for the Ghee.
Any Indian restaurant I've been in have been pretty good when it comes to making their dishes. One thing you can do when you go to any restaurant or takeaway is ask if they will cook your dish without the Ghee. This can obviously save on some syns. A few of the local places near me actually even offer a 'Healthy Option' on the menu which already omits the Ghee. And trust me, they taste just the same, if not better without it. You don't get that oily residue on top of your sauce and all over the plate, and you can't taste the grease.
Try to avoid the creamy dishes as they are loaded with cream/coconut milk/etc. that add plenty more syns that we would want to use. Ideal dishes to look for are the tomato based sauce. And if you see a dish that sounds nice but is a bit too spicy for you, ask if they can reduce how many chilli's they use to make it milder.
I've listed some curries below with an average of what the syns value may be. Some syn values can vary depending on what is used in the dish (i.e. chicken, veggie version, etc.) but this at least gives you guide to what you are looking at (the syns values are for an average portion size of 550g and Chicken unless stated otherwise)

Dhansak - 10.5 syns
Rogan Josh - 10 syns
Tandoori - 9.5 syns
Vindaloo - 12 syns
Jalfrezi - 13 syns
Korma - 25.5 syns
Passanda - 29.5 syns
Biryani - 18.5 syns
Kashmiri - 15.5 syns
Balti - 17 syns
Bhuna - 18 syns
Saag - 17 syns
Tikka Masala - 22.5 syns
Tikka Balti - 17 syns

The best choice of rice is boiled, purely because it's free. But an average portion of pilau rice is 5 syns (350g serving)
Naan breads can come in a 20 syns per bread, so if you want something to go along side your curry, poppadoms average at a much lower 4 syns each.
Mango chutney is 2 syns per tbsp, with cucumber raita at 1 syn per tbsp and lime pickle is 1 syn per tbsp.
Onion bhajis can be 8.5 syns each, and 2 small meat samosas are around 12.5 syns (vegetable ones around 7.5 for 2 small)

Chapati - 9 syns
Pilau Rice - 4.5 syns
Meat Samosas (small) - 5.5 syns
Meat Samosas (Regular) - 9.5 syns
Paratha - 12 syns
Peshwari Naan - 19.5 syns
Plain Naan - 18 syns
Chickpea Dhal (350g portion) - 5 syns
Gobi Aloo Saag (350g portion) - 12 syns

I find Chinese restaurants and takeaways can be a bit lower in syns compared to others, but there are some really high synned dishes that some people may not realise are so high.
I've done a list of dishes below with an average of the syns values. Unless stated, the syn values are based on a 550g portion.

Black Bean - 8 syns
(e.g. Beef with) Mushrooms - 9.5 syns
Chop Suey (with noodles) - 9.5 syns
Chow Mein - 24 syns
Sweet & Sour - 27 syns
Sweet & Sour in batter - 30.5 syns
Fried Rice (350g portion) - 5 syns
Prawn Sesame toast (2 pieces) - 7 syns
Won Ton - 13 syns
Hot & Sour Soup - 5 syns
Chicken & Sweetcorn soup - 7.5 syns
Crab & Sweetcorn Soup - 6.5 syns
Barbecue Spare Ribs (160 serving) - 8.5 syns
Peking Duck with pancakes (375g serving) - 30 syns
Noodles (350g portion) - 17 syns
Spring Roll with Meat - 6.5 syns

Anything with 'Al Pomodoro' against it is usually a sauce made with tomato & basil so will be lower in syns.
Again, portion sizes are based on 550g portion, unless mentioned otherwise.

Carbonara - 17 syns
Beef Ravioli (400g serving) - 7 syns
Lasagne, Vegetable - 11 syns
Lasagne, Beef - 18.5 syns
Cannelloni, Vegetable - 16 syns
Cannelloni, Beef - 17.5 syns
Cannelloni, Spinach & Rocotta - 17 syns
Spaghetti Bolognese - 11 syns

Pizza's are high in syns. There is no way around it. I've picked some Pizza Express and some Pizza Hut to give you ideas of what you are looking at.

Pizza Express (values are per pizza)
Romana Pizza American Hot - 43 syns
Classic Pizza Diavolo - 49 syns
Classic Pizza La Reine - 37 syns
Classic Pizza Four Seasons - 34 syns
Leggera Pizza American Hot - 20 syns
Leggera Pizza Padana - 22.5 syns
Leggera Pizza Poillo ad Astra - 21 syns

(I've been told as below that the Leggera pizzas come in a ring shape with a salad, so the preferable option as you get speed foods too [emoji4] )
Main Course Pollo Pesto Pasta - 36 syns
Main Course Lasagna Verde - 26 syns
Main Course Lasagna Classica - 17.5 syns

Pizza Hut (syn values based on a pizza cut into 6, and each slice is the value stated)
Regular Pan
Hawaiian - 9 syns
Margherita - 9 syns
Veggie - 8.5 syns
Supreme - 10.5 syns
Meat Feast - 10 syns
Pepperoni Feast - 7.5 syns

Stuffed Crust
Hawaiian - 10.5 syns
Margherita - 10.5 syns
Veggie - 10 syns
Supreme - 12 syns
Pepperoni Feast - 11 syns

Thin Crust
Hawaiian - 7 syns
Margherita - 8 syns
Veggie - 7.5 syns
Supreme - 9 syns
Pepperoni Feast - 8.5 syns

Obviously the salads are the lowest syn thing to get at Subway. You can load up on your speed food and then add which ever meat you want with a sauce and you'll come away with a low syn meal [emoji4]
The free toppings are: beef, chicken breast, beef, ham, chicken tikka, chicken teriyaki and turkey breast
The sauces are:
Sweet onion – 1½ Syns per serving
Honey mustard – 1½ Syns
BBQ sauce – 1½ Syns
Ranch dressing – 2 Syns
Light mayonnaise – 3 Syns
Chipotle Southwest – 4½ Syns

So you're aware, the breads are (These are for the 6 inch breads)
White - 9 syns
9-Grain wheat - 9.5 syns
Hearty Italian - 10 syns
Honey & Oat - 9.5 syns
Italian Herbs & Cheese - 11.5 syns
Flatbread - 10 syns
Sep 13th, 2015, 11:08 AM  
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Thanks, really useful.

Just to add at pizza express the leggara pizza with the whole cut in the middle and filled with salad are better for syns. The padana (my personal favourite) is 22.5syns which wouldn't be too bad on a treat night
Sep 13th, 2015, 13:59 PM  
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I'll put some syns up for those heather
I have to admit I've never been to Pizza Express so I have zero idea what their pizzas are like lol
Sep 13th, 2015, 20:13 PM  
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Good idea at an Indian restaurant is to go for dry tandoori meat with boiled rice and salad so you get the treat without the syns
Sep 21st, 2015, 17:03 PM  
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Sweet & Sour - 27 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 8th, 2016, 12:28 PM  
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Bumping this for anyone who hasn't seen it!
Sep 8th, 2016, 15:16 PM  
Stanleys Mum
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Great thread.....although I can now see how many syns I ate at my meal out last night
Jan 26th, 2017, 18:07 PM  
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Jan 26th, 2017, 21:31 PM  
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Thank you excellent guide !!!! Happy balti is 17 not that bad thought it be worse ! Any lists for choc bars ??? Or cereals x
Jan 27th, 2017, 08:26 AM  
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I have a feeling I created one but I'll try to find it when I get on to an actual computer... searching for threads isn't as easy on the Tapatalk app

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