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Won't let my Mum Join

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Aug 27th '15, 18:28 PM  
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Won't let my Mum Join

Hi I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this, my Mum has got the form from her doctor to be able to join Slimming world and have the classes paid for, for I think 10 weeks, she telephoned a number on the form, but when she got through, the lady at slimming world asked if she had been dieting before, when she said yes she had, she had been going to weight watchers up until about 7 weeks ago, the lady said she would not allow her to join until November, she was quite upset as she had been feeling quite motivated, and was feeling quite positive about trying a new diet, does anyone know why this is or whether indeed the lady on the phone had things correct, it seems very odd to me?
Aug 27th '15, 18:36 PM  
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I'm assuming it's because she's been on a weight loss plan recently. I'd try phoning again in a couple of days, and if they ask that question, don't admit to being with Weight Watchers. See if that works.
It's not Slimming World, it's a government thing called Lose Weight Feel Great (I'm assuming it's called the same thing everywhere) where a person gets 12 weeks free on Slimming World, and also gets to attend a free fitness class (I think they have to attend either one of the classes they give you details for or attend a listed gym)

I couldn't join that scheme as my BMI was too low, so I haven't been on it myself, but there's plenty in my group that are
Aug 28th '15, 12:57 PM  
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Hi you cant use the scheme if youve been losing weight in the last six months least thats what i was told when i got my little booklet and rang up. You get twelve weeks and possibly 12 more if you lose weight and your doctor agrees too allow more. Im not sure you could ring up and say no youve not been too classes if your mum gave them her details as i think they may have a record. Could she join weight watchers or rosemary conley as part of the scheme instead? Again though she will need too say she hasnt been dieting. Good luck x
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