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Socialising - how do you cope?

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Aug 26th '15, 12:15 PM  
Kazoo Master
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Socialising - how do you cope?

So after an excellent first week, I have a few social occasions coming up this week (and last night!). Eating out has been fine so far - I've felt empowered to make healthy choices and not over eat which has been great. However, the next three occasions (and a few too many drinks last night!) are not places where I can use SW principles (think posh afternoon tea and beer festival).

How do you all cope with this? It's not like I'm thinking 'oh sod it, I'm giving up on the whole SW thing', but it's affecting the enjoyment of what should be really lovely occasions as I am having a huge panic about putting my loss back on and even more! Realistically, I'm not even sure if you can put half a stone on in 3 meals but it's a real worry!

Sorry for the long 'woe is me I have an excellent social life' type post (this will stop once I get back to work, believe me!) but I'm feeling a little down today and wondered if anyone had some advice or even felt the same as me!
Aug 26th '15, 15:23 PM  
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If I am going out (which I like to do) I will jsut be good that day, eat food that is free or speed food and I don't have any syns except for the syns I am going to ahve that night. If you get meals like steak and salad, for example I tend to say they are neglible in syns, and just count the syns in my drinks. I also try and stick to spirits with lots of mixer, vodka lime and soda has always been my go-to drink so I didn't really need to change anything there.

When it's something you can't have much control over, such as afternoon tea, just enjoy it, if it helps eat a big bowl of fruit or an apple before you go, but honestly, like you say, you're not going ot put on even 1lb if the only "bad" thing you have is a few sandwiches and bit of scone and cream. After you've had it, don't feel bad about it. I always hear people at my group saying they felt bad after eating things that weren'y on plan. Just enjoy it at the time and then carry on with the plan as normal.

Sorry for the essay!
Aug 26th '15, 17:18 PM  
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The good thing with SW is that you can still do these things and lose weight.
The best thing I can suggest is to be completely on plan for the days you don't have plans. So say your plans are across Friday to Sunday, make sure that every other day is strictly SW friendly.

For example, I'm out for a meal on Friday night for my birthday, and because I know about it in advance, I'm making sure that every other day is strictly SW so I don't have to restrict myself completely on my birthday (there's going to be at least a little cake, so I'm making sure I can enjoy it lol)

I think sometimes we overthink everything and worry too much (I absolutely do!!) but all I can suggest is that you enjoy your plans, and just be aware that you may only have a small loss (or maintain) next WI.

It's not the end of the world if you don't lose anything, you'll know exactly why, and just keep on plan for the following week.

I'm hoping this makes sense and reassures you x
Aug 26th '15, 18:41 PM  
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I usually try to plan it in in advance. If I know where we are going then I'll look up whether they have the calorie contents of meals on the website. If I do end up indulging then I try not to worry too much as its a one off and can get back on track the next day
Aug 26th '15, 19:19 PM  
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My other half and I aren't exactly social butterflies but together we absolutely love exploring, visiting places and going to events etc. I try to plan as much as possible, if I know it's somewhere I don't necessarily have to have a sit down meal. I'll try to eat as much free food at home before I go, then hide away some fruit in my bag and while he'll go to the burger van I'll snack on fruit.... I'm so busy eating I have no idea or care if anyone's wondering why on earth I have a green grocers in my hand bag

If it's somewhere that I know I'm going to have a treat at then I tend to think of it as just that, it's a treat and I won't feel guilty providing I make sure that I feel I deserve it. Plenty of free/speed foods all week, minimal syns (My SW consultant would disagree with me 'saving' syns, we used to be able to do this when I joined years ago? But not now) Then I'll up my activity levels to help!

Just enjoy and don't let one 'treat' pull you off track - Perhaps avoid the beer if possible! I can't wait to hit my first target so I can enjoy a much missed 15 syns fruity bulmers
Aug 26th '15, 23:47 PM  
Kazoo Master
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Really appreciate all the great advice from everyone - thank you. I don't have the greatest relationship with food and one of the reasons I started SW (apart from losing weight!) was to try to develop a more healthy outlook to what I'm eating and how I feel about it. Thanks again to you all, I feel reassured!
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