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Aug 6th '15, 12:16 PM  
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Quote by SpoonyMoose View Post
Quote by sweets View Post
Hi Spoony.
I don't think I could plan as far ahead as a week - I can be indecisive and picky - but I'm certainly going to plan a day ahead. That's been my problem over the past few weeks, not being prepared each day. Today I have fruit and chicken stir fry for work.

I love chicken so plan to have any take away treats surrounding that. Chicken kebabs (homemade) with salad and shop bought chilli sauce to dip.
Does that sound ok?

Omg I'm hungry now
That sounds good sweets.

I'm pretty indecisive and picky. My consultant told us a fab idea; write some possible meals down on post it notes for the week and then you can rearrange them depending in what you fancy. I'm going to try this as I do tend to come to the day when I'm having something and go "oh, I don't fancy that."
Oh I like this idea. You sound exactly like me.
Aug 14th '15, 13:09 PM  
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A nice sweet treat I saw on Facebook and it's totally free is strawberries coated in a fat free (syn free) yogurt of your choice then put in freezer for a hour xx im trying it today
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