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Sep 10th '15, 15:04 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
Join Date: Sep 2015
Location: Suffolk
Posts: 14

Only 1 week into it and omg, both my partner and I have it (he's doing SW with me). It's very tough going. May try a probiotic like others are suggesting. Just very pleased to know it's not an issue with what we're doing, just a side effect of the lifestyle change
Sep 10th '15, 19:10 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Aug 2015
Location: Birmingham
Posts: 137

Just let rip and go with the flow.
Sep 11th '15, 07:13 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Aug 2015
Location: Birmingham
Posts: 141

Haha! This has put a smile on my face

Unfortunately I know what you mean, I used to be embarrassed and try to hold it in... Ouch! Now I'm loud n proud - Except if I'm at work, not sure my staff would appreciate it. So I usually do my body magic for the week running back and forth to the loo to 'relax'

I don't know if it calms down or whether you just get used to how to control and when to let rip
Sep 13th '15, 16:12 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
Join Date: Sep 2015
Posts: 17

I'm terrible atm for me it.was bad at.the start then I.had.a.few.weeks of it being ok and now it's bad again
Sep 14th '15, 11:58 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
Join Date: Sep 2015
Location: Ireland
Posts: 76

I had the same problem when I started but give it a few weeks and your body will be used to all the fibre x
Sep 16th '15, 15:26 PM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Sep 2015
Location: Dorset
Posts: 1

I have issues with Sweetners. Alpen lights, hifi bars, muller lights, sugar free polos. Anything with sweetners in I bloat like a balloon and am full of wind! Try cutting things out to see if it gets better when youre not eating a specific thing Good luck.
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