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Resources for SW followers?

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Jul 27th '15, 15:18 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Resources for SW followers?

So I want to follow the Extra easy plan on SW. I did it years ago and did quite well before some bad times hit and I went fully off the wagon. Money is tight and I don't really want to join the groups as I have social anxiety issues so until I can scrape the funds for the online membership, can anyone suggest some free resources? I am already aware of sparkpeople and I plan to use that to record my journey and I have pinned loads of recipes on pinterest. Are there any blogs or other online resources anyone can suggest? Thank you.
Jul 27th '15, 15:43 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Sakura, Why don't you set up a diary page on here and you'll get support here? if you check out the other diary pages it will give you some ideas of what you can and can't eat.
Jul 27th '15, 16:15 PM  
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If you've still got all the information from when you did it last time, use that as a basic guideline.
And like JaquiE suggested, set up an online food diary here and we can all pitch in when you need any help etc
Jul 27th '15, 23:52 PM  
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I second, or is it third(?), the idea of setting up your own diary thread here. It really does make a difference.
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