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Jun 28th '15, 15:01 PM  
Socially Shy
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So disheartened

Hi everyone,
I've been doing slimming world for three weeks now. I only have about a stone to lose and Previous to this I have been very active and eat very healthily but if I'm bad at all I gain weight straight away. I stuck to the plan rigidly for the first week and my Weight remained the same. The second week I stuck to the plan apart from one night out ie dinner and drinks and surprisingly I lost a pound . The following week I stuck to the plan rigidly again and I went up half a pound . So a total weight loss of 0.5lb I am so disheartened and was wondering has this happened to anybody else . I've also been exercising lots and have been using between five and seven syns a day but I do eat a lot of fruit but only the superspeed kind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Jun 28th '15, 20:34 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Hi. I can totally relate to this. In the first four weeks I only lost 2 and a half pounds and I was close to quitting but after week 4 i went up to 2 pounds a week off. Sometimes exercise can slow things down. In the first few weeks I also did my measurements and found i was losing inches even though I never saw the same result on the scales.

Keep going and you should see results. It may just take your body a little bit of time to react.
Jun 28th '15, 21:17 PM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Jun 2015
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Thank you so much Jaytee. I'll keep persevering and hopefully I see results soon.....
Jun 29th '15, 08:43 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
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It may also be because you only have a stone to loose. As you get nearer to target the losses slow down. Keep going cos it does work x
Jun 29th '15, 10:28 AM  
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Sorry you feeel so disheartened Many of the others on here will have had the same issue at one stage or another too.

Jaytee is right about the exercise. If you weren't exercising a lot before you started SW, or have upped your exercise a lot in the last few weeks, it will (very annoyingly) slow down your losses. It's due to a build up of fluids in your muscles, and you will most likely see that you start to lose the inches (non-scale victory) rather than the lbs. You will start to lose the lbs as well as the inches, so don't give up just yet

And I agree with Mag104 too, if you are close to what you feel is your target weight, the losses do start to slow down a little.

From what you've said, you're doing everything right. Have you thought about having a few more syns each day? Maybe to 10 a day? Some people have found that if they use between 10-15 syns each day, rather than sticking below 10, they've lost more.
I've always said people should try SW for about 4-6 weeks before they decide to give up completely (and any other diet/healthy eating plan to be honest) Especially when starting to exercise at the same time.

Good luck hun x
Jul 3rd '15, 10:28 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
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I am going through the exact same now. I'm on my third week of slimming world and until I weigh myself on Monday, I have lost 1 and a half pounds. I'm feeling awful as I have stuck to the slimming world rules and everything yet I seem to be not loosing as much as when I was clean eating

My plan is to stick to it for another few weeks and to see how I get on. I've been told that it's your body adjusting - so maybe, just maybe over the next few weeks we'll both be in luck?
Jul 18th '15, 12:49 PM  
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My friend had the same issues however I convinced her to stick to it and on her forth week she was thrilled with a 4lb loss and has now hit the half stone mark. It takes a while to get use to the free foods but if you keep on you will see a loss. Don't deprive yourself and keep a daily plan on what you are eating. Log all syns. That way you can see where you may be going wrong. I hope by now you have seen a loss
Jul 19th '15, 20:34 PM  
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I find that if I do extra exercise, I won't lose as much as I expect that week. Especially when doing the SP plan.

I would see if you can swap all the fruit for some veg as well, it's possible you are consuming too much natural sugars. I like to have carrot / celery sticks and edemame beans as snacks instead of just fruit.

I would recommend eating some free food after a workout, something light such as crab sticks - and I would try and use all your syns as well, they're there to be used!

Jul 21st '15, 10:51 AM  
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Do you have a lot to lose? I find it comes off quicker at first and then slows down. I wouldn't get disheartened though, if you are exercising your body will be creating muscle which as well as weighing more than fat also helpos burn fat better. Your weight might not be going down as you had hoped but I bet you are losing inches.
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