I'm coming in here

Jul 15th '13 10:33 AM
Going to give SW another bash I think, have done WW previously but getting fed up of pointing everything and I keep using all my weeklies on bad foods but anyway, just wondered if anyone's got any tips that will come in useful? I haven't done SW since last January (I think?) and will be doing it from home with my books.

I've just come back from a weekend away so I'm having a fresh start. My weigh in days are Saturday but seen as I'll only be 5 days in, I may just carry on and get weighed next week instead.
Jul 15th '13 10:46 AM

SW is honestly great, just make sure:

most of your main meals have at least 1/3 superfree (ie veg or salad or fruit)
you look up syn values instead of guessing
eat if you are hungry
think ahead and plan your meals
Jul 15th '13 11:08 AM
Thanks Tezzy! I'm not a massive lover of fruit, veg or salad (hence why I'm so fat ) but I'll try my best! I'm great at hiding veg in meals so that's a good start for me and can eat it that way.
Jul 15th '13 11:26 AM
i dont like fruit either lol if you fancy anything but want to know if theres a lower syn version just ask away
Jul 15th '13 11:57 AM
Brill! Thanks so much
Jul 15th '13 11:59 AM
Best of luck hun, will be stalking
Jul 15th '13 12:14 PM
Stalking I find a good way of getting added veg is to grate it into things! I've got an OH that won't touch veg, I may have been known to grate carrots into spag Bol and chilli
Jul 15th '13 13:04 PM
My OH doesn't like veg either and I never thought about grating it! Good idea
Jul 15th '13 13:12 PM
It's like weaning a baby disguise it all and mush it up!
Jul 15th '13 17:17 PM
1 syn per 20 calories when in doubt