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Jun 6th '15, 18:03 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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I've never thought about using tin potatoes.
Jun 8th '15, 14:06 PM  
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I never par boil mine, too much effort lol
I cut them roughly 1cm x 1cm, spray the tray with fry light, throw the chips on, bit more fry light, salt, paprika if I feel like it, and bake for 35 minutes (ish)
I tend to flip them around the 15 minutes mark, and then check them again after another 20 minutes... they're usually cooked through and browned on the edges too
Jun 8th '15, 14:29 PM  
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Quote by Jo.will.B.slim View Post
If I cheat and use tinned new potatoes (cheap as you like, no difference) and cut them into wedge style chips, spray with frylight and sprinkle with salt and pepper etc, they come out the most successful of all the combos I've tried in the past.
That's an awesome idea. So gonna try that If they come out anywhere near half decent I think that might be my new regular at dinnertime
Jun 8th '15, 18:11 PM  
SoSlim Addict
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I totally need to try using tinned potatoes! It should be so much easier!
Jul 17th '15, 19:35 PM  
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Mine never came out very well before until......... I used greaseproof paper underneath !!!!
Jul 23rd '15, 14:21 PM  
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Quote by Bonnieboobear View Post
We just chop them into chip shapes, and bake in a really hot oven (although its an aga so you never quite know what the temperature is!) for 30 mins. Usually come out fine -the thinner they are, the crispier they are.
What rung do you use for your oven shelf in your aga , I would be interested to know as I have yet to make them in my Aga
Aug 2nd '15, 20:11 PM  
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I use the microwave steam bags to Parboil mine, after 5 mins in the bag, I shake them in a basket to fluff them up then throw them in the airfryer. The type of potatoes is also important, I use rooster or maris piper but any floury potato should crisp up. If your chips are soggy you are probably using a waxy potato. For a change I also use sweet potatoes and toss them in a natural yoghurt them sprinkle seasoning on, they taste like coated chips, lovely
Aug 4th '15, 17:58 PM  
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I so want some chips but I'm all out of fry light
Aug 10th '15, 14:43 PM  
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Hi I chop mine in the morning and pop in salted water all day supposedly removes some starch any ways I then nuke them for five mins and add 2 tsp of carotino oil then air fryer for 20-25 mins. I find red skinned potatoes work best and get crispy

Forgot too add its 4 syns for oil
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