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Jun 4th '15, 21:14 PM  
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We got our vouchers on Tuesday. I found the sausages a tad pricey (£3 for 6) so but the ones from Sainsbury's which are half a syn per sausage and come in a pack on 8 for slightly less.
Jun 5th '15, 06:32 AM  
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I cooked the Thai Turkeys Burgers from scratch. I think the recipe was in the mag this month.
Went down really well, although I think I was a bit loose with the lime!

I'm not a fan of the meals, I tried the salmon one, chicken curry and the sausages.
Jun 17th '15, 21:49 PM  
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Marinaded chicken and salad dressing in Iceland for July.
Jul 4th '15, 16:00 PM  
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Tried the beef burgers and chicken burgers yesterday, sad to say they're nothing special. Especially the chicken ones, you definitely would not think it's chicken!

It's amusing to think of Slimming World saying how they spent years finding the perfect supplier, and for the most part, I've heard bad things about the "chicken" burgers. How did they get this far?! :P
Jul 6th '15, 20:05 PM  
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I have found the sw foods I have tried so far to be far too spicy for me. This was mentioned at my group as being common feedback. Consultant said a sw free cottage pie is planned along with some others. All the others were very spicy as well.
Jul 6th '15, 22:18 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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I've heard a lot of it is spicy. All I've tried so far are the beef and chicken burgers, which I did really like, but I do get where people are coming from about the chicken burgers having a slightly spongy texture.

I love spicy food personally, but I can see how it would alienate a lot of people. I think they've probably tried too hard to flavour the food.
Jul 6th '15, 22:36 PM  
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Location: Manchester
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We've been talking about these tonight in group, not many seem to be keen on the chicken sausages or burgers...
I've not tried any of the SW meals myself so I can't comment, I'm going off hear say
Nov 14th '15, 10:43 AM  
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Slimming world ready meals

Hi,sorry if this has been asked before...
I have just discovered the slimming worlds new range of ready meals (thanks to this site)
I am using the red/green day method as that's what I did 9years ago.
How do they score syns wise??
Thank you
Nov 16th '15, 16:49 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2015
Location: Manchester
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Ideal for Red days
Chicken pizzaiola(Free)
Beef in red onion gravy with carrot & swede mash (Free)
Beef and pork meatballs (Free)
Pork sausages(Free)
Chicken Tikka Masala (Free)
Sweet potato curry(1½ Syns per pack)
Beef quarterpounders (Free)
Mediterranean-style chicken sausage (Free)
Bolognese Ragu(Free)
Chicken Saag (Free)
Beef & Three-bean Chilli Con Carne (3 Syns)
Beef Chana Saag (5 Syns)
Cottage Pie (2 Syns)
Carrot & Coriander Soup (2½ Syns)
Spicy Lentil Soup(2½ Syns)
Tomato & Basil Soup (Free)
Chunky Tomato Sauce(Free)
Spicy Tikka Masala Sauce (Free)

Ideal for Green days
Roasted vegetable pasta (Free)
Sweet Potato Curry(Free)
Beef & pork meatballs (1½ Syns per meatball)
Three-bean & Roasted Veg Chilli (Free)
Carrot & Coriander Soup (Free)
Pea & Mint Soup(Free)
Spicy Lentil Soup(Free)
Tomato & Basil Soup (Free)
Chunky Tomato Sauce(Free)
Spicy Tikka Masala Sauce (Free)

The following dishes, while Free on Extra Easy, aren’t suitable for Green or Red
Hot smoked salmonfarfalle
Meatballs and pastawith a spicy tomato sauce
Singapore noodle
Chicken &Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta

Does this help??
Nov 16th '15, 17:29 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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I need to find me an Iceland. I've had a bad week really. OH had an op on his hip so we've been housebound and surrounded by chocolate. After waiting on him hand and foot (obviously not his fault) the last thing I wanted to do was cook - ended up in McDonalds. I don't even really like McDonalds. I need to get some of these for days like that!
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