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I'd love some advice...

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Mar 14th '15, 07:46 AM  
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I'd love some advice...


I've decided to start slimming world today, I've started so many diets (inc slimming world) and have failed every time (although I did loose 2.5 stone on slimming world 7 years ago).

But I now have 5 stone to loose, I've got a prolapsed disc and awaiting surgery so I can't exercise, but I know being slimmer will help my back pain and recovery after my op.

So I'd love some help and advice, on how to stay motivated, how to loose weight when I can't exercise and the best foods to eat. Hubby is cooking my meals for me at the moment, so I don't want to give him recipes that are complicated... are the packet meals available at Iceland any good ??

Sorry for the long post but thank you for reading!

Tam xx
Mar 16th '15, 10:21 AM  
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Hi Tambam welcome to social slimmers.

No idea on Slimming World other than seems a popular system that a large number of people seem to have success with. I have tried a few of there cookbooks and they seem okay.

My tiny bit of advice is on the motivation side. Somewhere I once read there is no such thing as motivation other than for a short period of time when you might be inspired by something 'new'. By and large we are moved by our beliefs and on a day to day basis our habits (aka the grind). As everyone knows the first step in avoiding a trap is being aware of it. So my smidgen of advice is keep a journal. Write down what you feel throughout your day try to identify what beliefs about food you have and what habits cause you to behave in a certain way. Do a meal plan for your next meal/day and write why it will be good to stick with it. Ask yourself questions about why you want to lose the weight and how did that last meal/snack help you towards it or why you chose that if it was not on your plan? Remember to not be harsh on yourself its not a blame list. Ideally it will motivate you in the long run and show you what your challenges are.
For example I still have the belief that takeaway food is a treat. Something I reward myself with for getting through my working week. I have the habit of ordering it on a Saturday daytime when I get bored especially if I sleep in and don't eat all day. I know when I order it it will undo at least 3 or 4 days worth of careful eating but I still get it as I have made the ordering process comfortable and easy. Every week I avoid this I lose good weight. Most weeks I fail but am trying to develop new habits to counter this. Slowly I am challenging my belief that certain food is a reward as more often than not it makes me ill.

Hopefully some of that rambling is useful. My only advice on Iceland is they do good kebab meat for £2 a pack but that wont really help you
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