I'm heading in here for a week or so

Jul 9th '13 21:30 PM
Good luck on SW hun x
Jul 9th '13 21:44 PM
How are you getting on with it Mamafy? x
Jul 9th '13 22:04 PM
Fantastic hun

Day 2 100% and under syn (just, I'm using 12-13) and feeling absolutely fine I am drinking loads though and I'm now on my 2nd week of exercise

I've cut out chocolate for a while as a little just isn't enough for me and if I have a little I want a HUGE bar!

I done EE yesterday and green today and back to EE tomorrow

It's what I needed to get me on the straight and narrow, I just hope the scales agree as in the past I've gained on SW
Jul 10th '13 08:17 AM
Glad things are going so well

I find that I have to cut things out too as once I start eating a little bit of it I just can't stop!

Jul 10th '13 10:35 AM
I'm excited by the scales
Jul 10th '13 21:45 PM
Have you checked to see if its gone down already? x
Jul 11th '13 01:13 AM
Yes Choc I'm just wondering what number I'll get Monday

Hard weekend ahead though but I just need to forward plan xxx
Jul 11th '13 07:29 AM
Good luck Mamafy, seeing the scales down already will spur you on. When's your weigh in day?