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Hi everyone, newbie here

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' Forum started by Pierpoints, Nov 4th, 2014 at 20:25 PM.
Nov 4th, 2014, 20:25 PM  
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Hi everyone, newbie here

Hi everyone, I'm kev . I'm 35 and just started slimming world extra easy 4 weeks ago now. I started slimming world mainly because I could see I was getting fatter and fatter, but also because I was worried about my dads weight as he is out of work, packed up smoking because he had cancer ( which is now all clear for the past 2 years) and was starting to deteriorate health wise, getting out of breathe going up stairs etc etc. so I decided to put me, my mum and dad on the slimming world extra easy plan.
Well it's been 4 weeks now. I bought the slimming world starter pack off eBay and we have stuck to it everyday, even when me and my mum went away.
After 4 weeks these are the results:
Myself - lost 10lb
My mother - lost 7lb
My dad - lost 6lb
So as you can imagine, we are really pleased. We are not going to classes and we haven't signed up online, we are just going it alone.
What I'm starting to find difficult, is not being able to just buy a pizza to stick in the oven, or make a jar of Indian curry. It all seems to be very time consuming. I love to cook, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I just want an easy night after work and just have something quick to eat. Trouble is I don't like fish, and my parents don't like pasta, so it's tricky. I've tried the pub grub Iceland chicken and their great and easy, also the tinned curries from Asda that are good on syns, but I need more inspiration! Anyone help? What do you do? It has also about bankrupted me with all this cooking and buying fresh veg and fruit! anyway that's enough blathering now thanks for reading
Nov 9th, 2014, 19:24 PM  
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Hi Kev,

I'm also a newbie here & slightly to SW. I've done it once before but just for 1 week so I admire you determination for 4 weeks so far.

I did 7 days & managed 4lbs to start - obviously a lot was water weight.

I agree, it seems like we're spending much more, so I tend to just eat the froze vegetables etc ( even though I dont like Veg so its tough ). I also work full time & a new mum so understand what you mean by cooking is time consuming.

I'm hoping that joining this forum today will give me the kick up the bum I need
Nov 11th, 2014, 15:14 PM  
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Hi and well done with your weight loss so far, thats great. I know what you mean about the cost, having to buy extra spices and lots of fresh fruit n veg etc my weekly shop went up a lot. So what I tend to do now is buy frozen veg (often the value range too), which for adding to food is just as good if not better on occasions then fresh. I also buy whats on offer and adjust for weeks meal plan accordingly or buy the cheaper cuts of meat like shoulder or brisket and slow cook them.

With regards to quick and easy food, theres a recipe on line (possibly on here too) for a SW pizza which you can make in advance and chuck in the freezer. Also the curry pastses are pretty low on syn values so I use those if I want a curry. Add a tin of tomatoes, veg and meat and makes a tasty curry.

My boyfriend likes to eat chips with everything so not matter what we have curry, slag bol, paella theres chips with it and its usually nice. So you could do that with your parents if they don't like pasta or maybe try it with rice. so have a look at some pasta recipes and see if you can substitute for either rice or chips.

Hope that helps
Nov 13th, 2014, 18:10 PM  
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Well done on an amazing weight loss ad hello! I didn't really think of doing slimming world at home when I realized I couldn't attend the groups local to me (times not convenient).

Belle xx
Nov 13th, 2014, 19:25 PM  
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Hi Kev and welcome to the forum! Congratulations on your weight loss, you've done so well!!
Nov 16th, 2014, 09:58 AM  
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HI Kev

Jacket potatoes are good - you can microwave in 10 mins or so. Baked beans are also free.

Stir fries are quick too.

10 lbs is brilliant and I am green with envy (why do young guys always lose so quickly!!?) so don't be discouraged.

Nov 16th, 2014, 19:39 PM  
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Hi Kev,

Welcome to Social Slimmers and nice weight loss between you all

You could always prepare some food in the slow cooker, portion and freeze?
Chunky soups

All go nicely with some bread or easy cook rices and pastas.

I also buy weight watcher meals for emergency can't be bothered didn't take out of the freezer days , my favourite is the chicken hotpot and I cook extra steam veg, the steam bags are great!
Nov 23rd, 2014, 22:12 PM  
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wow youve really well

how are you finding going it alone? i guess a forum probably helps fill in the gaps with support. i'm thinking about maybe doing the same. save some money and just find the books on ebay too

does it really cost that much to eat right thinking maybe forget the fresh stuff and use tins and packets? are tin veg still syn free? was just looking at a few slimming world recipes that use instant mash rather than potatoes. who knew smash would be syn free
Jan 22nd, 2015, 16:51 PM  
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Keep it up Kev, your doing great. There are so many value foods i.e Aldi which you get multipacks and don't cost too much. The low end stuff is not always bad, it is the same thing just different packaging.
Jan 22nd, 2015, 16:52 PM  
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I'm glad to hear you are packing in the smoking - it is so unhealthy!! I've stopped for 5 years and never felt so much better. You don't realise how much you detoriate after smoking!
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