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When life gets in the way

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Sep 5th '14, 19:38 PM  
Socially Shy
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when life gets in the way

Hi all. I have an operation next week which will leave me unable to go to the gym or swim or even really walk long distances for at least 2 weeks. To top it off I've had a chest infection this week so I've had to rest in the hope it gets better in time for me ok, so no exercise this week either. I got my stone award on weds so I'm frustrated. Whilst I'm still eating the right stuff the weight doesn't come off me so easily unless I exercise regularly, so I feel I'm heading towards a disappointing few weeks and the possibility of gaining weight. How does everyone deal with times like these? If I resign myself to weight gain I face the possibility of falling off the slimming world wagon!!! Any advice welcome :-) xx
Sep 22nd '14, 20:14 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Hi, don't fall off the wagon! I just think eat extra carefully, with lots of speed foods and lots of veg and try to limit your syns to a minimum. That way even if you dont loose weight you can rest in the comfort that if you stopped following the plan you would have put on a hell of a lot more and wasted all that effort you have achieved. A stone is amazing work! Good luck
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