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New to SW online and doing night shift

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' Forum started by smariac, Jul 9th, 2014 at 15:20 PM.
Jul 9th, 2014, 15:20 PM  
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New to SW online and doing night shift

Just took the plunge to join SW , doing it online, due to working shifts , .

Not really picked the best week to start as I'm on 12 hr night shifts at minute and not been shopping. But planning to sort a shopping list out ready for Friday.

So just wondering if my meals for today look ok (seems strange but I'm doing them in reverse cuz of my sleeping pattern

1700hrs . 2 slices of toast with brown sauce(9syns) .... With bacon (free)

2300hrs . ham salad everything free
Fresh fruit chopped up .strawberry, melon, banana, peach

0600hrs 2 weetabix and milk (healthy option A and B)

My shifts are 12hrs and no where to cook at work...

Do you think this is ok .


Ps I drink black coffee so should be ok on drinks,
And i will on Friday go shopping and get some supplies xxx
Jul 9th, 2014, 16:09 PM  
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Hi smariac

That looks good to me. Wish you the best of luck with your first week.

Marie xx
Jul 9th, 2014, 19:28 PM  
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

That sounds like a good plan, best of luck with it

I sympathise with the night shifts! My husband does them every three weeks and they are tough!
Aug 10th, 2014, 18:42 PM  
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This is a great dish my friend showed me as I'm away from home loads so eat on the go! It's syn free and you can make up 3 days worth at once so easy to take to work if required

1 punnet/ bag cherry tomatoes cut up
1 bunch spring onions chopped
2 peppers chopped really small
1 large tin sweetcorn
1 tin tuna
3 handfuls cooked pasta
Salt n pepper.

It's completely free, mainly super free.

Can add ham/ grilled bacon/ spinach
Aug 11th, 2014, 17:30 PM  
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That must be hard if no cooking area, not even a microwave?

Salads and wraps would be the way forward really. Add boiled egg to your salad, protein is filling and maybe even some cold boiled baby potatoes?

Do you like cold rice? Batchelors rice is free on SW, I love it cold but you could add some oven/grilled cooked chicken/beef to it also before cooling. Or of course make your own rice salad. What about this one I posted the other day:
Wild Rice Salad Recipe

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