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Jun 19th '14, 14:13 PM  
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My WW leader gave me the best advice when I started back a month ago. This is the 4th or 5th time I am doing WW, so I need things to be different this time. She said she used to be obsessed with the weekly weigh ins and would actually cry if she was up, did not lose or even lost a small amount. But then she realized this was a lifelong journey and instead of setting weight goals, she set healthy lifestyle goals, the first of which was to attend meetings weekly for one year, never missing one no matter what. She said when she shifted her focus from the number on the scale to other healthy habits to put in place, drinking X# glasses of water per day, getting X# minutes of exercise per week, etc, she lost more and was much less stressed out. That was the thing I needed to hear on my first day back, and I can say it has helped me a lot. I want the scale to be down each week, but I remind myself that I have succeeded by eating healthier and by just showing up to weigh in and attend the meetings.
Jun 19th '14, 16:54 PM  
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Quote by Lisa View Post
I was hoping for more that was all lol I'm not disappointed with a 2lbs loss any loss is amazing
That is good you are not disappointed! Good luck with more loss
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