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Tuesday Weigh In

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Slimming World Weigh-In

' Forum started by Milly, Jun 22nd, 2015 at 09:02 AM.
Mar 22nd, 2016, 23:41 PM  
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Well done that is a great loss!
Mar 23rd, 2016, 00:55 AM  
Join Date: May 2015
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Well done, ladies.

I was looking forward to weigh in tonight.

Had had a great week....stuck to plan, with loads of fish and speed foods on the menu....so I fully expected to have lost the 1lb needed for my next award.

But guess what? Typically, my body (or those darn scales) decided not to play ball!

So a 1lb gain takes me now to 2lb away from my next award.

Just a little miffed.

Fingers crossed it will all come good next Tuesday!

Have a great week everyone! x x x
Mar 23rd, 2016, 13:55 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2016
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Sorry for not posting for a few weeks...

2.5lbs off this week so 2lbs away from my 2 stone award. Can't believe how well this is working for me.

I got 3.5 last week, 4.5 week before and 4.5 week before that, slimmer of the week those three weeks too.

Got my club 10 yesterday, so totally motivated now.
Mar 26th, 2016, 19:43 PM  
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Aww looby you can get there !

Andrew - well done and club 10 feels great doesn't it and a free week too .

Well I've decided to revise my target - I really need to feel the end is in sight and to take a break. Soooo 8.5lb to my target, still seems a lot but am hoping staying in the 13's will be a good place pause. and then go into the 12's when I'm ready.

Am considering not eating my easter egg tomorrow but saving some for Tuesday. lol
Mar 29th, 2016, 11:27 AM  
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Well done losers!

1.5 off for me today, so now 2 stone 1/2lb in 12 weeks! Got my 2 stone award and Slimmer Of The Month for March Almost halfway to target!
Mar 29th, 2016, 21:49 PM  
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Truly amazing Emily! Well done

Well Finally.... I got my 3 stone award!!! (1.5lb down) Soooooo thrilled. Also moved my target so have 7lb to my target and then will try to have a 'break' and maintain for a little while before taking off another stone when I'm ready.

Feels like a positive move, and one that will give me a bit of space for my brain to catch up - still can't remember my weight or size. I tried uniform on today for work and have a size smaller than I asked for on a couple of items and more on order, so that was nice.

So.. for now on to the next 7lb! lol feels daunting at the moment still.
Mar 29th, 2016, 22:17 PM  
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Well done on your losses everyone, you are all doing fantastically.

Congrats Emily for your 2st and Slimmer of the month, and PJ for your 3st award. Keep up the good work.

Sorry about your 1lb gain last week Looby, it really is typical when you are so close to that next shiny award, especially when you have done everything right. Hope you had a better result this week.
Mar 29th, 2016, 23:05 PM  
Join Date: May 2015
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Well done on the losses and the awards! Top work everyone!

I lost half a pound this week, which actually I was quite pleased with. Easter weekend had been a little tricky, so happy with that result.

PJ...I think your plan sounds like a great idea. I'm also thinking about setting my target for another 9lb...feels like something achievable...hopefully by summer.

Have a great week everyone x x x
Mar 29th, 2016, 23:08 PM  
Join Date: Jul 2015
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Well done both and thanks!

You're such amazing losers (I the best possible way). True inspirations.
Mar 30th, 2016, 17:22 PM  
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Yay well done on the losses!
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