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Tuesday Weigh In

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' Forum started by Milly, Jun 22nd, 2015 at 09:02 AM.
Oct 30th, 2015, 23:55 PM  
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Quote by PurpleJ View Post
Well I bit the bullet as it were and headed to a strange group today. Weighed in today but will weight Tuesday night again with my own group

I lost 1lb but am putting that down to a morning weigh in and thankfully no gain.. fingers x'd I can show a loss at group on Tuesday - given that tomorrow is Halloween! lol

we had pumpkin SW soup tonight (veganised with coconut milk instead of yoghurt) for D1. Have pumpkin muffins for tomorrow but will try and be good and only have one!
Well done on getting to a weigh in this week. I think it's always best to try to get weighed in somewhere each week, in order to avoid that potential,
"Oh well, I'm not being weighed for a fortnight, so I'll have time to compensate for x, y or z!" Hee hee!

I carved our pumpkin today...here it is...

Not sure what I'm going to do with the flesh I got from it.

Would normally do a pot of Pumpkin Soup, but have only just made a pot of Butternut Squash Soup yesterday, so no soup needed at the moment.

Thought maybe I could do a Bacon and Pumpkin Risotto....although I'm open to any other suggestions of SW friendly pumpkin recipes if anyone's got any.

x x x
Oct 31st, 2015, 00:47 AM  
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Thanks following your winning example is great so appreciate the advice. I was worried about not weighing making me lazy. I have been struggling this last month so it's slower than I'd like, but losses are a good thing and am feeling more motivated.

Great pumpkin I can recommend the curry, it was lovely and even if the pumpkin is in odd shapes it would work well. There is a Risotto in this months (nov/dec) sw magazine too that could work. Roasted is supposed to be nice too.
Nov 3rd, 2015, 18:38 PM  
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Hey all Hope you all do well tonight.

I'm finally making it back to my group hoping it'll be more regular now as told work can't work a Tuesday night - which is true. So hoping they listen more.

I'm expecting a gain, I weigh the same in the morning - on my home scales as I did on Friday but being an evening weigh in I'm thinking it'll be a negative tonight. But just getting there, and knowing I'm the same in the morning as Friday (prior to Halloween) is a good thing.

Will be nice to see the ladies in my group.
Nov 3rd, 2015, 22:09 PM  
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Hope weigh in went well PurpleJ. I think it's always difficult when you change group times and days. You haven't really got time for a big lost between Friday and Tuesday so it's almost a fresh start from this week if you are going to be more regular on a Tuesday again
Nov 3rd, 2015, 22:28 PM  
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yeah I agree, but am thrilled to have come away with a 'stay the same' that means a loss to me in honesty as a morning v's evening weigh in is great to be the same weight. different scales too.

So.. head down and hoping to get into the 14 stone range soon.

IF I can lose 2lb a week for 6 weeks I'd make it to my xmas goal I set for the challenge here.

Time to focus and make November a better month than October was.
Nov 4th, 2015, 01:09 AM  
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Well done on the maintain, PurpleJ.

I also maintained this week. A bit disappointed, to be honest, as I had been on plan 100% again, using 10 syns a day religiously! I did have a big loss last week though...so maybe that scuppered me?

Oh well...plod on! Maybe I'll try cutting my syns to 8 a day this week...see if that helps!

Nov 4th, 2015, 07:50 AM  
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Morning all!

Last night saw a gain of 2lb for me. Not sure if it's due to eating a lot of jacket potatoes during my week off or due to *week. Either way, I'll keep plodding on, though now I need to lose at least 1lb every week to reach my target by Christmas.
Nov 4th, 2015, 08:47 AM  
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Hi Spoony, I'm sure you can pull the 2lb back again soon. Star week can really impact on the scales so it is very possible it's that alone and just fluid.

My xmas goal seems quite far off at 2lb a week needed but even if I made half of that it would be progress - keeping on going down in weight in the longer term (monthly is how I look at it) is what it's all about. You're small now too so your losses may be smaller but every little lb that ticks off is one step closer to your goal You're not far off now!

Hi Looby - remember to look at the monthly picture rather than weekly, as you say a big loss may have affected the scales this week, but also it might be it's on it's way just not in time. You sound like you're doing great and playing around with the number of syns is a great way to do things.

My home scales moved this morning to a new lower number I haven't seen before, so pushing forward is getting easier this month already. I can't wait to be in the 14's now and try and stay there during xmas or at least jump out then back into them. Physically I can see my collar bones now isn't it great when we see changes in ourselves.
Nov 4th, 2015, 11:01 AM  
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Hi guys 1.5lbs off for me this week I blame the maltesers that the trick r treaters didnt come for lol xx
Nov 4th, 2015, 11:27 AM  
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1.5lb off and maltesers for Halloween is a great result! Well done
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