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Jun 1st '15, 04:37 AM  
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Potato Hash Pizza

Pete’s “Pizza”

Serves 2


1 Tbsp. Parsley
1 Tbsp. Cornish salt & pepper
2 Maris piper potatoes (size of an apple) Grated
60g Strong cheddar cheese (2Hea/2=1 Hea per person)


Grate the potatoes into a bowl, tip onto a clean towel, twist tightly to remove the liquid, empty into a pancake pan, sprayed with frylight, press flat, cook on a medium heat, season well until the potato is free to move on the pan, turn over & repeat. Cover with ingredients of your choice & place under a hot grill until the cheese has melted, remove & with a pizza cutter, plate up.
(This one is experimental so only had cheese on it & served with beans & a egg, future ones will be thicker, with pineapple or chorizo sausage etc…)
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