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Jan 31st '15, 14:18 PM  
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Ferrero Rochers

Slimming World Ferrero Rocher's

You will need :

Three Weatabix (HeB)
Five level table spoons of Nutella
One Options hot chocolate (flavour of your choice) for dusting, optional.

Mix your Weatabix and Nutella together, or throw it all in the food processor.

Roll your mixture up into Ferrero Rocher sized balls and then roll in the hot chocolate. The mixture can be quite sticky so it is worthwhile dusting your hands with hot chocolate before rolling each ball

Place into small cake cases and leave to stand in the fridge for at least one hour.

This makes approximately 16 Ferrero Rochers at just under 2 Syns each if not using the Weetabix as your Healthy B choice.

Three Weetabix = 9 Syns
Five Table spoons of Nutella = 20 Syns
Options hot chocolate = 1 Syn (the sachet is 2 Syns but I used less than half of it)

Total of 30 Syns for 16 Ferrero Rochers = 1.875, which means you realistically should count them as 2 Syns each. 1.875 x 8 = 15 so you could actually sit down and eat 8 in a go if you don't have any other Syns that day!

A nice treat especially if you have chocolate cravings and much better then the shop bought Ferrero Rochers that come in at 3.5 syns each.
Don't forget if you are adding anything to these, such as dessicated coconut, you will need to increase the Syn value.

You can also use Scan Bran or Ryvitta instead of the Weatabix.
Jan 31st '15, 19:43 PM  
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Mexican chicken

Just had Maggi Mexican chicken and boiled rice is delicious, I am told 2.5 syns is that correct? :
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