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May 21st '14, 00:47 AM  
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Syn Free Fruit Roulade

Syn Free on all Plans

I say Syn free... we'll technically it's half a Syn for the whole cake but it serves 5 so it's less than a quarter syn per portion, which I'm told is classed as syn free - unless someone can tell me otherwise

4 Eggs
250g Quark
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
5 Tablespoon Granulated Sweetener
2 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence
Fresh Fruit

Separate the yokes and whites of the eggs.

Put the yokes in a mixing bowl with half the quark, 2 tbsp of granulated sweetener, 1 tsp baking powder and 1 tsp vanilla essence. Whisk until the ingredients are combined (until smooth).

Put the mixture aside (if you only have one mixing bowl you may have to transfer the mixture to a cereal bowl as you'll need it in the next step).

In a mixing bowl whisk the egg whites until it turns into a stiff foam (like you would get when making meringues).

Push the egg white foam to one half of the mixing bowl and tip in the yoke/sweetener mixture that you've already made.

Use a wooden spoon to fold the two mixtures together (don't use a metal spoon - there is a scientific reason but don't have time to go into it ) Don't over do it. You want to keep some of the stiffness from the egg whites.

Spray a swiss roll tin with FryLight (greaseproof paper optional). A small shallow baking tray will do if you don't have a swiss roll tin.

Pour and smooth the mixture over the base of the tin and cook in the oven at 180C for 15 minutes (you may require an extra 5 minutes depending on your oven). Leave to cool.

In a bowl mix together the other half of the quark, 3 tbsp sweetener and 1 tsp vanilla essence.

Remove the cooled cake from the tin and evenly spread the quark mixture over it.

Roll the cake like you would a swill roll

Serve with fresh fruit and/or berries.

May 21st '14, 05:41 AM  
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Thanks for the recipe I must try it sometime (don't often have anything sweet these days) xxx
Jul 8th '15, 13:22 PM  
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Mixing quark with Greek yog?

Is it ok to mix quark with 0% Greek yogurt for volume
Jul 8th '15, 13:33 PM  
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Do you mean to bulk it out? (make it a little more substantial?)

I reckon you probably could. I would take a teaspoon of each and mix together to taste and maybe make adjustment with the sweetener to make sure it's sweet-enough/not-too-sweet
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