Kale "chips"

Aug 20th '13 22:35 PM
This is one of my favourite snacks ATM! It's A
Bit like the crispy seaweed you get at the Chinese!

All you need is a bag of curly kale (you can get it ready sliced which is easier), some olive oil (I used frylight tonight and it still worked, just wasn't as oily) and some salt.

Open the bag of kale and rinse if needed, pour in some oil and salt and shake. Pop on a baking tray in the oven and cook for about 10 mins (keep checking and turning). When I did it with frylight I sprayed it on whilst it was in the tray and gave it another few squirts after a few mins! And then forgot about it so it burned lol!

But it's a nice alternative to crisps and chips and kale's packed full of iron and protein!
Aug 21st '13 07:47 AM
I love kale and I've been growing it in my garden for years. I've just never heard of kale chips and it really sounds good and easy to make. That's one healthy snack I know my family will love - thanks for the share PrincessPikachu.
Aug 21st '13 08:31 AM
No worries I only found out about it a few months ago, but love it! The only problem is there seems to be a bit of a kale shortage here ATM! Maybe it can be my next project to grow in the garden!
Aug 21st '13 19:26 PM
I love kale chips! I made a batch the other night and didn't realize that I had already added salt, and added more. It was horrible! I was upset at wasting the kale!!
Aug 21st '13 20:19 PM
I think I added too much salt last night, but I love salt, so didn't mind to much! Some of my kale's wasted though, I let OH pack the fridge and it got fridge burn
Aug 21st '13 21:54 PM
I've never tried it before. I've seen crispy seaweed at the Chinese. May give it a go
Aug 23rd '13 23:04 PM
Kale is one of my all time favourite foods! I love to put it in salads, stir-fry's, pasta and soups. My kids actually love kale so I use it as much as I can. I am definitely going to have to try kale chips.
Aug 24th '13 08:44 AM
I remember getting all excited as a kid when we had kale with our sunday roasts I was always the weird kid that ate everyone's sprouts at school Xmas dinners too!
Aug 24th '13 14:52 PM
Oh, my gosh, I never heard of doing this. This sounds like a really good idea. I like kale and I think the crunch of this would make for a satisfying little snack.
Aug 26th '13 17:41 PM
Isn't it kind of an oxymoron to take a perfectly good and healthy food and then fry it in oil and cover it with salt to eat it? I believe it also loses some of that nutrition due to the processing.