Leftover rice?

Jul 10th '13 21:01 PM
Is this safe to put in the fridge and how long will it keep for? X
Jul 10th '13 21:23 PM
I always chuck it tbh cos my dad told me you can get food poisoning off it really easily! Not sure how true that it is! Although if it's from the takeaway I always eat it the next day, which is probably worse as they'll have reheated it!
Jul 10th '13 21:24 PM
Ah buggar I thought I heard that too I had loads leftover xx
Jul 10th '13 21:28 PM
I always make too much. It must be ok to an extent though, cos you get rice salads and stuff!
Jul 10th '13 21:33 PM
I was making it for salad so I cooled it under cold water so I'm going to eat some for my lunch tomorrow, won't chance it with the kids. From what I've googled it's ok if you've cooled it quickly
Jul 10th '13 21:43 PM
Yea it should ve fine if cooled quickly! It keeps cooking unless you pour cold water on it!
Jul 11th '13 09:55 AM
I do ... I usually mix some light mayo with cucumber, spring onion, ham and red pepper x
Jul 11th '13 10:09 AM
Yeah I kept it, need to do a big shop today so that'll do me for lunch when I get back
Apr 29th '15 10:46 AM
rice is fine when cooled and chilled, its when you reheat it things can get dicey ( i however have a gut of steel and will eat things out of date etc...i dont recommend it though )