Chex mix

Dec 5th '13 16:34 PM
We are going to make Chex mix this weekend (along with a lot of other goodies). I love Chex mix but it really isn't all that healthy. What can I put in it to make it better for me? I know I have to leave the candy out!
Dec 5th '13 17:09 PM
Have you ever tried making a savory batch? I used this recipe last year, and wow! It turned out amazing. I'll never go back to store-bought again. Instead of butter, I use a low-fat spread. Works like a charm, and it's super cheap to make for Christmas gifts.
Dec 9th '13 09:23 AM
I have never heard of chex mix before, but it sounds interesting!
Dec 9th '13 14:37 PM
What's chex mix? Looks like pretzel things, nuts and shredded wheat That cant be good on a diet surely? Not sure that you can get that chex in the UK. Would give it a go, but looks high in carbs.
Dec 14th '13 03:09 AM
I wouldn't say it's unhealthy. I usually go with the Rice Chex if I will be sharing. There's no gluten in that and I have a couple friends avoiding it. I've made it without Chex cereal. You can use Cheerios or any of the other low fat, low sugar cereals too.

Some add-ins are nuts, coconut, raisins, dried fruit, or carob chips. I just throw things in that seem to go well together. I take some in a little container to work sometimes. Like trail mix, it gives a little energy boost in the middle of the day as long as you don't sit and eat it all day long.
Dec 16th '13 20:43 PM
Oh, man. Carob chips and dried fruit would be amazing. I like this idea, Jeans! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to make a trail mix batch this year.
Dec 16th '13 21:14 PM
It is good but it is addicting and it is either always too sweet or too salty when you buy it in the normal bags. I want to start making my own again, I had a great recipes years ago but I lost it. I might have to try the one you listed above out to see how the family likes it.