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So bad, so so bad

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Nov 16th '20, 11:33 AM  
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So bad, so so bad

I did a 72hr shift came home drank ate and drank

Saturday pizza day with chocolate and crisps all night on top of prosecco and cocktails with cream etc

Sunday I felt awful and just ate everything in sight, crisps, sweets, toast

Today its that time of month so kind of makes sense as I do want to binge when I'm due on but these days my cycles can be as short as 22 days, that's not good

Anyone out there to make me feel better haha
Dec 17th '20, 19:03 PM  
Socially Shy
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Arrrrr. Small slip-up but you can get back on track and it's all good again. Positivity!

I managed to keep these foods out of sight/touch and it helps me at least but it might depend on your situation and you as a person.
Jul 23rd '21, 05:32 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
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I don't blame you for that because that is a long shift tho LMAO. I would do the same thing and not feel guilty at all.
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