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Motivation needed please, esp at work!

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Feb 20th '19, 10:56 AM  
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Motivation needed please, esp at work!

Hey everyone,

I've restarted SW after one year off, I've got a holiday coming up in May and I'm getting married next year.

My first week was fab, lost 5.5lbs and was motivated. My second week however was Valentine's Day, one of my good friends' birthday, AND we had family from London down to stay. So as you can imagine LOTS of eating rubbish and lots of drinking.

Feeling super rubbish and super guilty. Made the first bad choice and skived weigh in on Monday Since then I've been struggling to get back on track.

I've just been finding it expensive buying all the fresh foods, and am struggling with motivation to make the meals. Also work is a nightmare. I work in a massive office where we not only work in the middle of a town so going for food is too easy, we have a massive snack table. This is always full of cakes, biscuits, crisps, and all kinds of snacks. Then we often have buffets where it is literally filled with everything you can imagine. Then to top it off we have a snack basket in reception filled with every kind of crisps, chocolate and snacks you can think of.

There is temptation absolutely everywhere, and just wondering if anyone has any helpful advice??

Thank you xxx
Yesterday, 19:44 PM  
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I have always been told that If I lose weight my body will look so good, although I was obese, my hourglass shape was visible.
I started dreaming about how I would look If I slim down. My dreams shortly became goals, I had a picture of a 110 pounds model in my closet, my motivation kept getting up and down, but LIPOXAR was always there for me, I couldn't make it to 121 pounds without it, It made my dreams come true. Thanks to LIPOXAR I stopped eating fats and junk food, It was the key to losing weight in a healthy yet fast way.
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