Hi again!

Jan 10th '18 14:57 PM
Hi again

I was here start of 2016. Between then and now I managed to get to target but I got too comfortable and I'm now roughly 2 stone up and 2 clothes sizes up

I need a kick.

Fitness level has also gone a bit down hill also

Jan 10th '18 20:24 PM
Hi and welcome back! Good luck getting back on track. You can do it!

Jan 11th '18 12:16 PM
We are on similar roads

Plus clothes size and body fat
Minus fitness levels

Welcome back
Jan 14th '18 00:02 AM
I have had the same problem and decided to change my plan too.
If you want to get more physical, set a time every day for yourself. Maybe start with some yoga or 5 minute workouts until you set a habit of working out and devoting time to it.

I've recently started calorie counting (eating fewer calories than I burn each day). I burn 168 Calories per hour just sitting in class. There are several calorie counter websites and apps that suggest how many calories you should consume based on age, weight, and height. It's very helpful in losing weight and inspires us to find healthy foods that will keep us full longer.
If you prefer eating more (i do) then try to burn calories through workouts as well.

The best of luck on your journey. It's so hard getting started but honestly keeping it is easy once it becomes a habit

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Jan 16th '18 12:57 PM
It will definitely become habit again. I've signed back up to the local gym and plan to book in to the kb classes again. I looked into crossfit some time ago but I think I need to lose this weight again first.
Jan 16th '18 16:39 PM
That's great you've signed back up to the gym again