Christmas Indulging

Dec 21st '17 10:07 AM
Usually I have a little control but so far no ...

I’ve opened a couple of bottles of Prosecco
Ate chcoolates
Had cheese and crackers for lunch

Who else has opened the Christmas goodies?
Dec 21st '17 15:19 PM
I have opened some chocolates that were meant for Christmas! My parents gave me a bag of presents to keep for Christmas and I peeked through them in the hope of finding chocolate, and I did!

Dec 30th '17 17:34 PM
I am seriously ready to pop!!! Mostly from prosecco ... haha
Dec 30th '17 17:35 PM

Jan 6th '18 01:15 AM
Everything got opened early, and most of it has been eaten.. except a couple of mince pies, they’re for tomorrow
Back on the bandwagon Monday!!

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Jan 8th '18 20:56 PM
wine cheese wine wine and more cheese I also kind of started early too although we didn't buy loads now I think about it I likely topped up bits.
Jan 10th '18 14:59 PM
I couldn't even list what I've had