May 28th '17 19:04 PM
Might have to have a look for that! I love the strawberry and lime ones
May 29th '17 00:29 AM
Quote by linzi:
One of my biggest weaknesses 🙈 nothing like a pint of lager on a hot day! Also love wine and cocktails.

I need to adjust what i drink... definitely need to knock lager on the head i think.

What do you like to drink? Especially over summer!
One of the things I didn't want to give up when losing weight was my alcohol (dipso anyone? ). Luckily for me, gin is my drink of choice. I had gone off tonic long before my weight loss year finding it too sweet (and don't even mention the vile slimline tonic!). So I drank gin with fizzy water and loved it. And had my gin every week during weight loss year. And lost weight every week.
May 29th '17 07:34 AM
I had a rhubarb and ginger gin at the pub last night it was lovely
May 30th '17 15:19 PM
I had the prosecco I said I wouldn't drink last night. Teach me for taking up the 25% 6 bottles at Tesco
May 30th '17 19:56 PM
I looooove prosecco 😍
May 31st '17 09:27 AM
I never did take to it but I have learnt if it's a cheap bottle it is nasty as hell ... for me personally! x
May 31st '17 20:00 PM
Yeah has to be very dry for me x
Jun 3rd '17 01:51 AM
I love a crisp ice cold dry white wine, but if I'm sat out with friends, it has to be a G&T with lots of ice and lemon.... Chin chin X
Jun 4th '17 16:51 PM
The gin is the better option while trying to lose weight
Jun 4th '17 20:38 PM
Ive had a few gins my friend took me out for cocktails last night and i had a sangria margarita omg it was so good but dread to think how naughty!