Omg feel so ashamed

Jan 29th '17 22:13 PM
I just new this weekend was going to be a massive failure i won't even add up my syns all I know is it's gym tm and I'm going to bust my ass lol

But instead beat myself up and quit I'm going to reflect ! Main thing I did wrong lack of prep ! More likely to binge if unprepared and hungry. Anyway wondering if anyone else had a massive naughty weekend lol
Jan 29th '17 22:34 PM
I did. Drinking doesn't help me when it comes to willpower! Takeaway on the way home, after 1.5 bottles of wine, and Chinese takeaway tonight.
No loss for me tomorrow! But I'm back on it in the morning so I'm not worried!

Well done for not letting it get to you, and getting straight back on it is the best thing you can do

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Jan 30th '17 12:43 PM
Lol your comment in way makes me less guilty but I'm
On it again today !!! Cereal this morning Irish brown breadwith. Salad and turkey plus fruit and potatoe and veg with chop then off to self defence class to get fit !
Back on it this change is for life I feel ! Determined !
Jan 30th '17 12:44 PM
That's my diet today not in one sitting lol