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New member - I don't even know where to start!

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' forum. Struggling with your diet? Stopped and need a kick up bum to get going again? We've all been there. Come in here to confess and get motivation (and tough love if needed).
Oct 3rd '16, 21:16 PM  
Socially Shy
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New member - I don't even know where to start!

Hi peeps,

Been browsing and reading some wonderful success stories.

I lost quite a it of weight and it all piled back on through take outs and feeling rubbish. I feel it's now time to lose it but I seem to enjoy eating rubbish. I weighed in last week which was my first week at SW at 13 stone 5lb. I'm quite shocked at how much I weigh as I am now at my heaviest and I know for me this isn't right.

I have decided the diet begins from tmrw and my goal by xmas at least is to lose a stone minimum.

How have you found losing weight and does anyone have any tips. I don't have time to exercise really and want to know if any others who aren't excercising are seeing weight loss results. I'm not happy being this weight and need some motivation...plz help me get going :-(
Oct 3rd '16, 22:43 PM  
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Welcome to the forum!

I'm an SW girl myself and I've found that it really does work. As for tips, make sure you're keeping yourself well-hydrated throughout the day as sometimes when you feel hungry, you're actually just thirsty. Make sure you're having some syns every day, as they CAN help your weight loss (though of course everyone is different so this may not be your experience).

The thing that's made the plan work the best for me is batch cooking in advance and freezing my meals. I get home, heat them up in the microwave, and within 5-10 minutes I'm eating. It also means I have no excuse to order a takeaway.

Meal plans also help. Knowing in advance what you'll be eating means that you can create a shopping list and stick to it, avoiding the temptation to buy a bit of whatever you fancy.

If you'd like, you could start a food journal on here too. It'll be a place to celebrate your losses, get some support on your off days, and could end up getting you some great advice if anyone notices you may have slipped up.

Hope some of these help, and I'm sure you'll get more great tips from the other lovelies on this forum. We're also holding a Christmas goal challenge over in Mini Goals and Victories, so feel free to join in for a group effort!
Oct 4th '16, 19:27 PM  
Emaline 30
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Hi Free, ..and welcome to the forum from me too

Isn't it so annoying to find that the weight has all crept back on?
There's one thing for certain you're not alone on that score as the majority of us have had the same experience as well and will be there to help and support you along the way.

All the very best to you for your journey to slimdom.
Oct 5th '16, 09:48 AM  
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Hello, welcome to social slimmers!

I'm another SW follower, and I agree with everything kaybird says, although I will add that you should try your best to have at least 5 syns a day if you can.
Using your syns does help you lose weight. Cutting them out completely, or barely using any at all, can give you a fantastic loss one week, but you will then see that your losses will tail off and possibly stop altogether. We've just recently had a member in group who was advised to increase her syns to 5 each day as her losses had virtually stopped and she was really annoyed. It turned out that she was just using syns on a single bottle of Prosecco at the weekend, so she wasn't having enough across the whole week. Once she started incorporating more syns, she lost 4lb the following week!
I know I sound like an advert for SW, but I've been there long enough to have seen so many people come in without using more than 20 syns in a week and be really annoyed with not losing anything. Make sure you use at least 5 each day, you don't have to use all 15 each day, just use some

Best of luck for WI next week, and you can get to your happier place if you stick to plan!
Oct 5th '16, 11:57 AM  
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Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers

Sorry to hear that you are struggling.
I find batch cooking is a good idea as it's so convenient to have a meal there ready when you're short on time.

Best of luck
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